Madame CJ Walker. The first self-made-female millionaire.

One of the most fabulous stories I’ve ever heard.  I saw it the first time watching Dinesh D’Souza’a America.  I had to learn more.

Why doesn’t Zinn mention her in his history books?  

Why hasn’t Oprah done a special on her every year to inspire all Americans?

Why hasn’t every Equal Opportunity, Glass Ceiling Breaking, Women’s rights shouting, protest conventioneer carrying a banner with this woman’s picture?

A woman, born in 1867, in Louisiana was the first self- made-female millionaire, here in America.  Before the female vote, before the Civil Rights Movement, the first free born girl in her family, during massive economic downturns, and amidst World Wars…..this woman created her own success.

Check out her official website Madame CJ Walker.  What an amazing Success Story.  It makes you want to say Oprah who?  Hillary who?  #gloriasteinamsucks #thisisrealgirlpower  #whoneedsalsharpton? 

If you would like to hear about how America stole her resources, land, oppressed her neighbors, and is an illegitimate political power….you might get more information in this film than what Zinn has published.

Eye opening, and quite inspiring. 

4 thoughts on “Madame CJ Walker. The first self-made-female millionaire.

    • Right? When I saw this story, I had to dig up some info too. She was becoming successful at the same time as Rockefeller and Carnegie. She even built a mansion. She died young of hypertension, but she was very philanthropic, and encouraged people that they could achieve the same. A truly remarkable woman!

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