Go Ahead and flash that….


Image source fox news.com

Ok….Dustin Johnson, not the most reputable players, but a very talented athlete, battles back after penalty assessments to win a very valuable prize, and Ms. Gretsky shows up in a skin tight white shirt that won’t cover her ‘assets’.

I’m just curious, so please excuse my analytical approach here.  Because I just don’t get it.

Friends don’t let friends let their ‘assets get exposed’, where were her besties?

Would you wear a dress that barely reached below your genitals knowing you would be out in a crowd, or on TV?  If you would, please comment!  This would be great research!

She’s got the hot bod, no doubt.  She’s the daughter of the Great Gretzky, so she knows cameras.  So what’s up here?  If you had the smoking hot, after-baby, could pull-it-off-without- a -hitch body, would you do it?

Would you show up on a national stage, to support your boyfriend, show off your son, and leave your rear end hanging out of your carefully selected skin tight shirt?

I’m an analytical so help me here folks.  What’s the scoop on this?  It’s not a Kardashian caboose in that dress, what am I missing?  I’m pretty sure I know what she’s missing……cause she kept pulling that shirt down to cover her bikini undies.

Was it, one of those, “oh I had a skirt to go with this” moments because she was so stoked over Johnson’s win?


26 thoughts on “Go Ahead and flash that….

      • I subscribe to the theory that sexy and “hot” doesn’t require looking like a hoe and showing one’s ass. She’s a beautiful woman, yes. But that looked more like what you’d see at a club, or Deja Vu, not the US Open. But, it’s her ass. If she wants to show it to everybody, that’s her prerogative I suppose.

  1. Was she assessed a penalty too? No, no matter how hot my bod and booty are they are not for public viewing. She too was obviously uncomfortable or she would not have been holding the shirt down…perhaps she did not expect him to win anything and figured she was not going to be noticed…I think age has a lot to do with this one.

      • I thought of that, but wouldn’t his hand be facing the other way? 😉 I thought that the dress was a tad too short for the venue. Looks like Wimbledon is cracking down (pun wasn’t intended!) on women’s tennis outfits.

      • I don’t think counts that’s a whole outfit.

        Thanks for pointing out the glove…that’s funny. The best dressed one in the group is their little boy. He was adorable.

      • Honestly, with styles today, it’s hard for me to determine what is a shirt vs. what is a dress. It does seem inappropriate for the venue, though.

  2. Ha! I hadn’t seen this on tv or anything. But to answer your question, no I wouldn’t. Not anywhere, anytime.
    I must be getting old. I can believe that Wayne Gretzky has a married with a baby daughter.

  3. Haha! Now all I can look at is the glove Rob pointed out. Back in my hot bod days, I wore some short skirts, but not like Gynecological visit, short! This is over the top, err…over the hooha!

    • I laughed at that too! I hadn’t noticed that glove at all, maybe cause Johnson is a golfer.
      Yea, that was a few inches shorter than a micro-mini. It was a shirt. She would raise her arms to hug someone, flash her undies, then Pull it back down.
      If you don’t have range of motion in your garment without flashing your twat, it might be too short.

  4. She doesn’t need besties here to help her out , she just needs a little common sense. This isn’t an after party, let’s get rid of the kid and I’ll give you your championship ring kind of deal. This is for a national TV audience. Granted she looks good but her assets should placed in a proper container until later that evening.

  5. ive left the house and forgot to fling my flip flops on but never left without my pants! jeepahs crow! i actually feel bad for her. fantastic body yea but obviously she thinks she needs to prove something…when really a pair of jeans w that nice white tee and she would have made heads turn like crazy but in a good way not like this. btw all of these comments were cracking me up…no pun 🙂

  6. LOL! No, I wouldn’t…………. not on purpose anyway…. I might get in a hurry because I am running late and forget that I hadn’t pulled my bottoms on though, because I was letting my toenail polish dry, because I thought I had time to just do a quick touch-up pedi while checking facebook and reading blogs and drinking coffee.

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