13 thoughts on “Great quotes for dangerous times

    • Voltaire had it straight, and people don’t change, we keep recycling the same issues. Tyrants rise up, and people revolt. It’s happened in every culture throughout history.

    • Everyone hates everyone at this point. At the latest Anti-Trump rally, there were Mexican Flags, Mexican bikers threatening revolution, Pictures of Che Guavara, and Pancho Villa. Big signs saying “Make California and Texas Mexico Again”.
      At a Democratic Primary Convention in Utah, the Chairwoman started the vote for Hillary before schedule, refused the Sanders supporters request to recount, and the chairwoman shut the convention down and fled for her safety. the Bernie Sanders supporters have openly attacked Trump supporters at two Trump rallies, one in California that was really bad. The Mayor of San Jose told the police to stand down while the trump supporters were beaten. Bernie Sanders has been shut off by the media, even though he hasn’t given up his campaign.
      It’s completely nuts!

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