The dry spell in a wet season, the World has gone Mad!

I’ve started at least 6 posts in the last week, only to discard them.  There is nothing like 90 degrees, 80% humidity, mold growing on the patio, and inescapable sweat.

It makes me cranky.  

Speaking of heat craziness. 

We went to go donate blood for the Orlando survivors, big drive here to help.

When we got home, there was a letter from our local blood center where we donate. 

In July, they will start charging $150.00 for blood donations.  The donors get to pay to give their blood, unless they have a Dr.’s order to give.  It seems that their overhead costs as a non-profit have gone up, and those machines aren’t cheap.  So doners, they want you to give and pay for giving….your blood. 

The world has officially gone mad.  

So today, I’m grateful for air conditioning, and a pressure washer to get rid of the mold.

2 thoughts on “The dry spell in a wet season, the World has gone Mad!

  1. Oh my gosh. That’s crazy. Pay to donate money? I think you said it perfect, “The world has officially gone mad.”
    I so wish I was suffering with your heat problem right now. It’s getting colder here now and I get down when that happens. My body doesn’t adapt well to cold weather or abrupt climate changes. Ugh.
    I know I’m always thankful for air conditioning. Hahaha. We only have a fan. We sleep in skimpy night ware, or just undies. Haha.
    Have a great week Wendy.
    🙂 ❤

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