Half an hour?

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Is it Friday yet?

When I got up this morning, I was convinced it was Friday…..then I had my coffee and realized it wasn’t. Darn.

Happy Friday Eve everyone.

That Pull

That pull in my belly drawing me toward something….

It wakes me at night from my dreaming.

It startles my thinking, like a groan down deep.

And keeps me from my sleeping.

It steals the peace from my mind.

It’s plaintive crying unceasing.

I set the kettle and steep the tea.

It will take some time for it to release me.

Whew what a week

Brexit, Democrats stage sit in, Due Process in Danger for US citizens, 2nd Ammendement Debate gets ugly, FBI did not investigate Gun Store owners warning about Orlando Shooter, Texas want to “Texit”, a Virginia delegate wants to file suite on his party so he won’t  have to vote for his states choice.  (That defeats the purpose of being a delegate, but…) Never “whoever” has become the slogan of the year. Finger pointing in all directions.

I hope that this weekend you get to take a time out from all the madness of the world around us.  Take some time to breath, appreciate your neighbor, call a friend to say hi, love up your family, and watch a sunset.

Cheers to next week being a better one.

Go Ahead and flash that….


Image source fox news.com

Ok….Dustin Johnson, not the most reputable players, but a very talented athlete, battles back after penalty assessments to win a very valuable prize, and Ms. Gretsky shows up in a skin tight white shirt that won’t cover her ‘assets’.

I’m just curious, so please excuse my analytical approach here.  Because I just don’t get it.

Friends don’t let friends let their ‘assets get exposed’, where were her besties?

Would you wear a dress that barely reached below your genitals knowing you would be out in a crowd, or on TV?  If you would, please comment!  This would be great research!

She’s got the hot bod, no doubt.  She’s the daughter of the Great Gretzky, so she knows cameras.  So what’s up here?  If you had the smoking hot, after-baby, could pull-it-off-without- a -hitch body, would you do it?

Would you show up on a national stage, to support your boyfriend, show off your son, and leave your rear end hanging out of your carefully selected skin tight shirt?

I’m an analytical so help me here folks.  What’s the scoop on this?  It’s not a Kardashian caboose in that dress, what am I missing?  I’m pretty sure I know what she’s missing……cause she kept pulling that shirt down to cover her bikini undies.

Was it, one of those, “oh I had a skirt to go with this” moments because she was so stoked over Johnson’s win?


Get to vs. Have To

I’m so grateful today:

I got to wake up.

I get to breathe.

I got to play with my dogs.

I got to worship.

I got to pray (especially for my friend who hates me and thinks I’m the most terrible person made, yes…I prayed for you today.)

I get to drive a car.

I get to live in a time of TV, Internet, and Ice-cream.

I get to write a blog post.

I get to be alive in this time of freedom, and prosperity..tenuous as it is.  

I get to clean my house.

I get to cook for my family.

I get to be here.  

I get to help people!  Even if I don’t get credit, I get the joy of it!

I get to give blood, for free till July 6th anyway.

I get to help my neighbors.

I get to be a friend.

I get to express my opinion, even when it pisses people off.  But that’s kinda fun…I’m not sorry about that, pissing people off… or for expressing my opinions.  I will express my opinions, like them or not.  Your response is not my responsibility.

I get to be here, and it’s all good.

Aren’t you glad that we live in a time of ‘get to’ instead of ‘have to’?  

It makes you smile, yea.




The hubs and I attended a summer clinic yesterday put together by our State Bee Keepers Association.  

The big topic was Apitherapy. I’ve kinda joked about my venom therapy whenever I’ve been stung in the bee yard, but it’s a huge thing.  Go figure.  My unintentional venom therapy might have some really useful benefits…. Other than Gwyeth Paltrows beauty regimen.  My stings never made me feel better, but I don’t suffer from chronic pain.

But!  Would you do it?

Palestinian bee keepers in the Gaza Strip. Image credit CBS News.

I don’t see any exposed skin there, do you? 

So I dug in to find out what this trend is about, and there is a National Apitherapy Association. Some Chiropractors use Apitherapy on their clients with spinal arthritis.  Some Acupuncture professionals use Apitherapy for Lyme disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis treatments.  In reading a little of the info, it is even suggested there are benefits to the central nervous system. I really looking forward to learning more.

Sources: What is LymeApitherapyKeeping Bee

One of the attendees at our function, a bee keeper from Marshall, Tx, was so excited over her results kept she showing me her hands. They were straight and strong, no bent fingers, very dexterous.  She’s had rheumatoid arthritis since her early 30’s and had to retire at 40 because she couldn’t perform her job as an electrician anymore.  She took up beekeeping, and found that the more she allowed her hands to be stung, the straighter her fingers became.  Anectodal, I know, but really interesting.  Now she raises bees to sell for Apitherapy, and encourage me to consider the same path.

I guess my question du jour, is could you do it?

Would you do it?  Do you know anyone who has?  

Happy Father’s Day

To all you great Dads out there, have a wonderful day. You are the anchor, and strength to your children.

Your job is so big and so important to how your children see themselves and the world around them.

I hope your families love you up big, and let you know how wonderful you are.  Way to go Dads!

Image credit. Cloudywithachanceofwine.com

I’m especially grateful for the Dad my husband is to our sons, and for the Father I had who could make me feel like a warrior and a princess at the same time.

Pink Pistol movement

Image credit NBC Orlando

Folks, you haven’t had a bad day, until you’ve had your helmet bashed by a bad guy’s bullet, had to pick up a loved one at a morgue, had to go to more than one friends funeral in one week, had to receive a life changing text in the middle of the night.

I’m very grateful today for those brave individuals who go into the face of danger, and have some protection.  This is the helmet from one of the first responders at Pulse.  Thank God for his helmet, and that he is OK, besides the massive bruise on his head.

I’m also so amazed, and happy to hear about the Pink Pistol movement.


They have doubled their membership in the last week.  If you are at all interested in your own self defense, please reach out to them.  Gun, no gun, know;  what are the rules, who has rights, who to call, or just getting some peace of mind.  This is a great resource to make sure you have the information that you need to make sure you ARE safe.

Obviously, bad guys don’t follow laws, signs, or decency.  I’m beginning to believe, that anything labeled “GUN Free Zone” is bait for the horribly twisted evil minds out there who want to do innocent people harm.

Be safe out there my friends.  Be informed.  Make good decisions about your safety.  Don’t give into fear, or hate.  Know that there are many, many people who want only your health and happiness.  Gun, no gun, just be informed, and be safe.