Heaviness of heart, but hope for the future

Memorial Day is so much more than a 3 day weekend for me.

I recognize the sacrifice made not just by my family, but by our nations armed forces to keep us safe.

Blood has been shed for generations by the patriots of our country so that we can enjoy what freedoms we have left.

Our country is at a crossroads in this political discourse.  And this political season has been a doosey!

Could I appeal to the American Patriot in you this year?

I don’t care if you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, socialist, communist, atheist, evangelical, union, free trade,north, south, east coast, west coast, vegan, transgender, gay, straight,bi, muslim, Yoghi, confused, or whatever….Pee where you want, I can handle it, women’s room or men’s room, oh hell….just pull to the side of the road and drop em.  Who cares?

If you live here, in the US.  If you enjoy driving a car, having a job, have a place to sleep.  If you feel safe going to the store, if your store has goods on the shelf, buying your goods and getting home unmolested.  If your can get your children to their schools and can feel relatively good about their safety through the day.  If you can rely on the fire department or police department to help you in an emergency, or if there is a hospital in your neighborhood.  If you have the church of your choice and freedom to worship and be who you are in your community.  Can you get down your streets successfully?

Could you do me a favor, and just be grateful that we have such things here in the US?  

We have so much here to be thankful for, and it has been held in tact against all invaders, foreign and domestic because of the sacrifice of our American Armed Forces. 

Thank God for America.  We have been the protectors and defenders of our neighbors for 100 years.  Since WWI, we have been there for the world.  We may not have always been perfect, but we have always provided help when needed.  

My family has paid in blood, sweat, tears, and more. I won’t bow my head. I would rather live here, than anywhere else.

I’m grateful, so supremely grateful. Because I KNOW!  This country did not come cheap.

18 thoughts on “Heaviness of heart, but hope for the future

  1. Posting this from Britain. Yes Democracy does come with a price. It has a lot of flaws, but all the alternatives are far worse. We might disagree of the spelling of words and which side of the road to drive on, but this we share.
    We owe those who died in conflicts and civil causes our gratitude that we live in such societies.

    “Pee where you want, I can handle it, women’s room or men’s room, oh hell….just pull to the side of the road and drop em. Who cares?”- now that is an instant classic, which is never going to grow old as far as I’m concerned.

    Best wishes

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