Dragon’s Loyalty Award


My lovely friend, her Bitchnificence herself, Lennon Carlyle gave me a great compliment and nominated me when she got her Award last week.  I’m so honored and grateful that she thought of me.  If you’ve never seen her blog, you really need to go visit.  She’s so authentic, real, and genuine you can’t help but love her.  Click on the link here:  Fabulous With Glitches  I will wait a few minutes until you get back, OK?


Are you back?  Isn’t she awesome?  Her humpday Wednesday posts are hilarious.

On with the show.

The rules for any award come first.  Since I’m a rules girl, let me get right to it:

1. Display the award on your blog.  Check!
2. Announce your win with a post and link back to the nominator.  Check Check!
3. Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award.  Check!
4. Link your awardees in the post.  Check!
5. Write 7 interesting things about you.  OK, fine.

I’d like to open this up to anyone who would like to participate.  Since there are so many bloggers that are award free, if you don’t want to participate, please accept the honor of the nomination.  There are a few that I will nominate anyway….rules you know.

I’m listing a few of my favorite bloggers.  A couple are newer to me, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to to know them.  Some are fabulous photographers, some are here in the US, some are abroad, but please go and visit them, they are just wonderful.

  1.  George at The Off Key Life
  2. Billie Marie at Undressed Curlie Girlie
  3. That Weird Brown Girl
  4. Melissa at Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth
  5. Diane at Ladies Who Lunch Reviews
  6. Miriam at Out and About


So the last part, 7 interesting things about me……hmmm.  I’ve been a bit boring the last year, so let me focus on a few highlights, then we’ll get to what’s peaked my interest since May 2015.

  1.  I’m a bit of a closet rebel.  In college I was quite the Out-Going Co-Ed, and being a petite 5’4″, I actually won a Legs Contest back in my prime.  Not that I have long legs, or would be considered Leggy, even in my prime.  I’ve always been able to dance, having taken ballet, tap, and jazz dance as a girl. Plus I think the high-kicking in Drill Team paid off, literally.  I won $200.00.  That was a pretty penny in 1984.
  2. Yes, I can still do the splits, and am quite flexible.  I work at it continually.
  3. I love to cook.  It’s a talent that I developed early.  My step mother was a really good cook, and I learned a lot from her very strict style of cooking, following a recipe to the letter.  Being that closet rebel, once I was out on my own, I found that free style cooking, and getting creative with what I had in the pantry quite fun, and tasty!
  4. My career was in Mortgage for 25 years until last year.  I did everything from being a retail loan officer at a bank, to underwriting, broker, correspondent, management, and training.  Training was the most fun part of the job.  Dealing with dumb people was the worst.
  5. Motorcycles are a recent enjoyment.  I ride a 2013 Dyna Street Glide.  It’s a little dusty right now, hopefully I can clean her up and get back out on the road soon.  I miss the riding.
  6. Recently unemployed, it was important to me to occupy my time with learning, and staying fresh.  So I’ve taken some John Maxwell courses, I’ve made new friends blogging, I became a Zumba fanatic, I dabble in Yoga, and I made some gal-pals outside of my work experience that I find so enjoyable.  I’ve gotten ‘girlie’ again, instead of being so serious and focused on work and travel.
  7. Last year we bought property, and I wanted to keep the Agricultural Tax exemption, so we got into Bee Keeping.  I’ve taken classes in Honey Bee Biology, Queen rearing, Honey Extraction, and Integrated Pest Management.  We are up to 10 hives, and although I’ve had some scary sting experiences (12 at once was the worst) I really enjoy being out in the Apiary, and learning about my bees.  I never, ever would have guessed that I would ever like a bug.  Now I can’t get enough of them!

So my friends, I close this post with gratitude for the nomination.  Thanks Lennon!


17 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. I love those interesting facts Wendy- it’s always good to know a little bit about other bloggers. I mean, who’d have thought you rode a motorcycle? That’s very impressive.

    • Not hard at all. But preparation is the key. You probably have a local bee keepers association for your county, go to a meeting and talk to a local bee keeper. They can tell you who sells equipment and bees close by, or who might want to get rid of their existing hives.

      We started really small. 2 hives, and just paid attention to them. We were really interested in learning. We fed sugar water probably more than we should have. But We never had to spend more than an afternoon every couple of weeks to make sure things were working like they were supposed to.
      I’ve gotten 25 pounds of honey so far off of my first hive, and will pull more next weekend.
      Like anything, it takes time and effort. But it’s really interesting.

      • That’s really cool. Actually, there’s a major manufacturer of beekeeping supplies about hour from us. By the way, we saw something on Facebook the other day about this father/son team that developed a spigot for hives so there’s less stress on the bees. You should check it out. 😃

      • The flow hive is amazing, but it has some draw backs. I’d love to actually talk to a bee keeper here who has used it. I don’t know how they keep the queen out. Larvae in your honey is not tasty.

  2. You had me at splits and leg contests! We would be been trouble together way back when. You are quite the interesting chic! You are fabulous and bitchnificent. Thank you for the kind words 💗💋

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