Would that I could

I believe what you said…would that I could rest and rely on it all.

My fate, my future in your hands…would that I could let go and trust.

Your words are always truth…would that I could believe when things get hard.

My mind and my faith are at odds…would that I could bring them together.

What a force a mind and a heart’s faith can be…would that I could make that happen for me.

Nothing would be hard if my mind and my heart could be one with Your Word.  Would that it could be.  Let it be done unto me according to Your word.  I will receive it, and be grateful.

3 thoughts on “Would that I could

  1. Good for you Wendy. Circumstances don’t dictate what is truth in our lives. Keep your eyes on Him, my friend.
    Did you write this yourself? It sounds like a prayer of old. If you did, lovely write.
    Have a wonderful weekend Wendy.
    🙂 ❤

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