yellow, blue, and bee sex

Saturday in the bee yard.


The yellow Mexican hats are a hit with the bees.


We may have a swarm problem again, but they might be enjoying the evening on the porch.



The big fuzzy dudes in the middle, are drones.  These big boys have outstayed their welcome in the hive, and are being shown the exit.  All they do is eat, and mate….and these dudes didn’t mate, so out they go.

“Put out or Get out”, right ladies?

I can hear you out there…’Wendy, how do you know that they didn’t mate?’  Well, I will tell you.  When a male bee mates with the queen, his penis is left behind in the queen and is ripped from his body; his guts spill out, and he dies.  When the next drone flies up to mate, he has to pull out the previous suiters remains from the queen and discard them so he can mate.  These dudes opted to stay behind and eat honey.  They will still die.  But they are just being kicked to the curb to starve.  Drones have it rough.  Screwed if you do, Starve if you don’t.

You have to give the mating drones credit, and least they go out with a Bang, instead of being dragged out of the house by a bunch of angry women?

Usually when I’ve had a big day with the bees, I feel very satisfied with my efforts.  This day, I came home a bit blue.  I’m not sure why.

This was the first weekend in the last 4 I wasn’t stung at all.  Two weekends ago, was really rough, and a bit scary.

Maybe I’m missing the venom therapy?  Part of me was hoping for a Gwyneth Paltrow miracle transformation, but it’s still me in the mirror.  I mean really, if I’m going to be continually stung on the ass and legs, I’d like some proper results!

I’m digging deep in the gratitude bucket, as I type this at 3 am.  I’m a bit weepy and blue, but I ‘know’, this deep am, that I have so much to be grateful for.  I have fingers and toes that work, strong legs, a capable mind, a family that loves me, time to take photos, time with these little booger bees (that I’ve got so much more to learn about), we have food on the table, a comfortable home, reliable vehicles, and I still have my sense of humor.

How ’bout that Bee sex?  Kinda makes you glad you’re not a bee?




29 thoughts on “yellow, blue, and bee sex

    • That’s awesome. My husband and I are going to a Queen rearing class next week, and the technique in your cartoon is going to be demonstrated.
      Poor drones, it’s bad enough that they explode and die, now they can be replaced…..😱

  1. Nothing about life looks good from 3am. I don’t know why that is, but it is.

    Still, at least you aren’t a drone. When in the last ditch of finding some gratitude you can always pull that out.

    I’ve never seen Mexican Yellow Hats before. They sure are pretty. Are they considered a wildflower or a proper bedding flower?

    • The Mexican hats are pretty, huh? They are a wild flower, some of them have a bright red center and are very showy. I don’t see why they couldn’t be a put in a flower bed.
      The rain has brought out some really pretty flowers this year. That’s another thing I can be grateful for.

  2. I don’t EVER want to be a male bee and if I did come back that way I’d remember this list and never even consider putting my thing in her thing knowing it would be ripped off and tossed by the next guy. Who does that?

    • Oh George! Nature ain’t always nice, I’m just sayin…
      The queen mates with up to 15 drones on her mating flight. Guess who gets to clean up the last one?
      The girls who don’t get to have sex in the hive. It’s a women’s world in the bee yard.

  3. Poor bee boys, too much trouble for them, I thought you wear protection when going close to them, never heard about this venom therapy, be careful can be exactly the opposite, you can develop allergy and them it will more trouble for you.

    • They got me through my heavy bee pants the last issue….My husband banged on their hive, and I had about 200 bees on my legs. My jacket is really big, so it protected my top half, Not all the ones on my legs got through, thank God. But I had about 15 stings on my butt and thighs that one time.
      Or they sting me on my hands. I’ve had those sneaky little girls get in my veil and sting me on my head. One time, I had one buzz me and sting my neck, cause she got caught up in my hair. I’ve never been allergic, but I’m not a fan of being stung.

  4. Okay, girlfriend, I hate the thought of you being weepy at 3 a.m. 😦 However, I know it happens to the best of us. You are very gifted in finding your grateful-list. It’s okay to want to strive for more – God has made you this way!
    …..15 bee stings on legs and rear …………. I would have called it quits, right then and there. I admire your perseverance.

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