Honey, berries, fish, flowers, trees

We took our first Honey frames from our bees.

It’s a sticky process, and I haven’t figured out how to clean the wax well, but the honey is pretty good.

That’s about 8 pounds of honey. 

Dewberries.  A wild growing berry, cousin to the blackberry, purple, thorny, and fun to find.

My man was really happy to find that we still had bass in the pond.  

These beautiful white flowers kept peeking out at me.  They only lasted the day, but they were so lovely.

I found this little oak tree.  The new growth is pink, and I got such a giggle out of that.  Isn’t it pretty?

This last year of working the property, slowing my pace, taking time to appreciate the little things has taught me so much.

I wonder if I would have taken the time to notice the little flowers, the color or new growth on a seedling oak, or if I would have taken time to pick a few berries to enjoy?  Maybe?

Wherever you find yourself today, enjoy it.

16 thoughts on “Honey, berries, fish, flowers, trees

  1. Its the little things that make life worth living. The big things feel out of our grasp, but the little things they belong to our existence. We forget it and we miss the flowers and the tiny oaks and the joy of harvesting honey.

    I say this because I need to remember it myself. I tend to feel too overwhelmed by the big things because their scale feels impossible. When around me are lots of little things to find joy in.

    • I agree. Right now I’m a bit overwhelmed looking for The JOB. I have to pull myself back and just look at the little things so I don’t run off into the night screaming.

  2. You have learned some wonderful and priceless life lessons Wendy. The unemployment has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Wonderful.
    You also have a great day and weekend.
    🙂 ❤

  3. You are surrounded by life and beauty. I am glad you are appreciating it even though your situation is not your first choice. Dewberries took me back to my Southern childhood. Delicious and so fun to pick and eat!

  4. Mmmm, the honey and dewberries look so good! I completely understand what you mean, too, about getting less done when you are home full-time! I felt the same way. What the heck!? 😉 Ah well, it’s a conundrum. I love staying home and I love working. sigh…

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