Grateful to make it through

Focusing on gratitude as the flood waters recede.    

I’m so grateful for the first responders who pulled people to high ground.  The boats that brought people and pets out of their flooded homes.

I was so grateful to see the sun come out yesterday afternoon.

Downtown Houston photo credit Houston Chronicle.

My neighborhood on Tuesday. It hadn’t rained for over 8 hours, and the water kept rising.

Our little burg of Cypress, Tx.  15 inches of rain in 12 hours.

A little humor from a friend of mine.  

If we can come through the floods of life, we can be grateful that we are still standing.

Hug up your loved ones today, and be grateful for dry ground.

28 thoughts on “Grateful to make it through

  1. Oh Wendy, let’s hope those flood waters recede soon. How good that you can still be positive and grateful amongst mother nature’s forces. But really, sometimes we just have no choice. Take care and stay dry.

  2. Water, so innocuous and then out of nowhere it’s suddenly a terrorizing force no one can stop. I hope your clean up isn’t terrible and that the damage is easily fixable.

  3. Wendy, thank goodness the water didn’t reach your house! I had heard about the flooding but did not know that you reside in Texas. Your photographs remind me of when Hurricane Sandy devastated our shoreline a few years ago. So grateful that the rains stopped for you! x

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