i’m perplexed

It’s official, I’m perplexed

I’m decidedly confused at the rationalization culture.  They drive down the wrong side of the road because someone is parked in their lane and they have to go around, but pissed off that you are in ‘their way, why don’t you move over?’.  Did I miss the change in the rules of the road that allows motorist to go against the flow of traffic while their designated lane is occupied?

I’m decidedly confused by the entitlement generation.  A neighbor with a much bigger yard than mine, needs to sit and play in my front yard, because they don’t want to use theirs?  What?

I’m profoundly….annoyed by the smart phone generation.  Could you please maintain your lane while traveling at 85 miles per hour while texting, or have you not seen a Nascar wreck? They slow down to text, then speed up when they realize that traffic has caught up with them, but slow down again, because LOL….it’s a funny cat video?  Then stare you down for maintaining your speed on cruise control.  Really.  You can text and drive, but cruise control eludes you?

I’m continually amazed that I can say the same thing 4 times, but a random stranger can come into the conversation, make the same observation that was ignored, and now it’s somehow brilliant?

When I come to yoga early, and set up my mat, and wave to my friend, but she can’t see me standing 10 feet away, and at the end of the class asks me if I snuck in late?

I wonder if I haven’t been abducted by aliens, and it’s just a hologram of my persona going through the motions of my life, because no one is present anymore.  No one is really here.

No one….  Where did we all go?

20 thoughts on “i’m perplexed

  1. I sat in a cafe for many minutes one day while several waitresses went bustling by without stopping. Not one offered a menu, glass of water, anything, all ignoring my attempts to wave one down. Finally I went to the cashier and said, I’m leaving but I don’t have a bill – no waitress ever “waited” on me. She was dumbfounded. I was totally invisible that day. So, I can empathize, Wendy. Sometimes we just have to smile and let it go. The Lord knows what’s going on, even if we don’t!

  2. I don’t know if its the whole generation, but it does feel like people are less connected with what is happening in front of them.

    In particular it feels like driving is far worse than it used to be, but I’m not sure if I’m just getting old. I remember my mom saying the same thing…
    Maybe you just notice it more when you feel your mortality?

    But seriously, the things I see everyday driving to work, boggle my mind and I also think smart phones & texting are probably causing it. I don’t have proof, but if feels logical.

    Or I’m getting older.

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