Tuesday afternoon

I sit in the stillness

On a Tuesday afternoon.

The tick of the clock on the wall

With the hum of the fridge fill the room.

The chores are done.

The Yoga class was good.

The garden was weeded.

I ate my carefully portioned food.

Now for the bitter hours

Between 2 and 5

Where I’m left wondering what to do

And why I’m alive.

Where is the passion?

Where is the force?

Where is the happiness?

Hiding inside me of course.

Come out.

Come out.

Why do you hide?

Come out.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday afternoon

  1. It’s a beautiful tome into self reflection. Truth be told, those hours I would spend admiring all of the work that I’d just put into my garden. I’m sure yours is stunning.

    • I did get out to the garden today and weeded, but I was getting sun burned…yikes. I walked the dogs too. So I ended up finishing the paper shredding. Yippee fun.

  2. Walking in the fresh air is always a fixer. The exercise combined with fresh air produces a sense of wellbeing every time. That may well help you to feel better and happier.

    • It usually does. I spent a lovely hour and a half weeding the garden. But I was getting a bit sun burned. 😊. So I had to head back in.

      I ended up doing the paper shredding and getting it to the recycle bin. Not as enjoyable as being outside, but easier on the skin.

  3. Wondering. Such an amazing luxury! Come over, have coffee, and some laughs. Dinner won’t be until 6. 🙂

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