Honey, berries, fish, flowers, trees

We took our first Honey frames from our bees.

It’s a sticky process, and I haven’t figured out how to clean the wax well, but the honey is pretty good.

That’s about 8 pounds of honey. 

Dewberries.  A wild growing berry, cousin to the blackberry, purple, thorny, and fun to find.

My man was really happy to find that we still had bass in the pond.  

These beautiful white flowers kept peeking out at me.  They only lasted the day, but they were so lovely.

I found this little oak tree.  The new growth is pink, and I got such a giggle out of that.  Isn’t it pretty?

This last year of working the property, slowing my pace, taking time to appreciate the little things has taught me so much.

I wonder if I would have taken the time to notice the little flowers, the color or new growth on a seedling oak, or if I would have taken time to pick a few berries to enjoy?  Maybe?

Wherever you find yourself today, enjoy it.


It’s a Monday and I’m focused on having a great week.

The pressure I’ve put on myself to get a new job exploded and left me a bit of a wreck last week.

So with renewed vigor to relax, and let life be good to me, and to trust that all Will be well…I want to send out my best wishes for everyone to have an amazing week.  I also want to encourage you to find something to be grateful for.  

No matter where you are or what you have, someone would love to be able to be like you.

Today I’m grateful for sunshine, my free Zumba class, my health, my loving husband, and sweet puppy dogs.

Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, Party Like it’s 1999, Little Red Corvette

Photo credit. Purple Rain Movie

1984, College, Party, Dancing, the Movie.

Prince was everywhere.  I remember running off to watch the movies with friends.  We did what we could to emulate the dance moves. We were damn awesome for little white college girls.  I might credit Purple Rain as the basis of why I love Zumba!

Ruffles, lace, purple,velvet…..anything tactile and sensual.

Partying on an 80’s dance floor to Red Corvette, and Party like it 1999 it brings back awesome memories.

Sitting in a bar in San Antonio last year, they started playing Purple Rain…the whole album.  I had several people around me my age…we started sharing stories about our party days and Prince.  Why the airport bar played the whole album, I don’t know but it was really fun.

I don’t know what happened to the Artist formerly, or recently, or perpetually known as Prince.  But he will ever be a part of my youth.

Grateful to make it through

Focusing on gratitude as the flood waters recede.    

I’m so grateful for the first responders who pulled people to high ground.  The boats that brought people and pets out of their flooded homes.

I was so grateful to see the sun come out yesterday afternoon.

Downtown Houston photo credit Houston Chronicle.

My neighborhood on Tuesday. It hadn’t rained for over 8 hours, and the water kept rising.

Our little burg of Cypress, Tx.  15 inches of rain in 12 hours.

A little humor from a friend of mine.  

If we can come through the floods of life, we can be grateful that we are still standing.

Hug up your loved ones today, and be grateful for dry ground.

Not to go all James Taylor, Bees do poop, and other odd things

I’ve seen fire,

And I’ve seen rain.

It’s hard to see in the picture the slow steady rain.  Best day to burn the fallen trees.  We will put some minerals back into the earth.

We are up to 10 Bee Hives as of today.  I’m gob-smacked to say the least, bee bit (5 stings this weekend, not fun), sore, tired, and very thankful for running water after two days of working in the drizzle.

Have you ever noticed when you are running on little sleep, how everything is funny…especially crap?

We got up at 3 am on Saturday to travel to pick up our new bees.  We had to be at the yard at 6:30 am.  We got the girls, and headed back to Hootersville ah em…Halletsville.  Being in a Bee yard, there are bees everywhere. We ended up with some stragglers in the cab of the truck.  

One of the stragglers was enjoying hanging out on on my husband’s phone, then made her way onto his hand.  It was a little chilly, so I think she was looking to warm up.  She did a little dance, stuck her fanny up in the air…I held my breath preparing for her to sting….but she was doing her “poop dance”.  She crapped on my husband’s hand.  I almost peed myself laughing.


Potty humor, I know. But lack of sleep…it makes body functions funny.

So, in a weekend with little sleep, lots of work, lots of driving, and no running water…I’m getting neck deep in a tub and soaking away the stings of life.

Cleaning with Company

I can’t clean the house in a quiet environment. I need company.

Today’s cleaning adventure will be complete with Mr. Darcy.

My favorite version of Pride and Prejudice.

Today I’m infinitely grateful for the strength, and desire to clean my house.  I’m also very grateful for a detailed, raucous, well done version of Pride and Prejudice.  I love Mrs. Bennet, she’s such a hoot living in her own rationalization.

Do you have a favorite?

i’m perplexed

It’s official, I’m perplexed

I’m decidedly confused at the rationalization culture.  They drive down the wrong side of the road because someone is parked in their lane and they have to go around, but pissed off that you are in ‘their way, why don’t you move over?’.  Did I miss the change in the rules of the road that allows motorist to go against the flow of traffic while their designated lane is occupied?

I’m decidedly confused by the entitlement generation.  A neighbor with a much bigger yard than mine, needs to sit and play in my front yard, because they don’t want to use theirs?  What?

I’m profoundly….annoyed by the smart phone generation.  Could you please maintain your lane while traveling at 85 miles per hour while texting, or have you not seen a Nascar wreck? They slow down to text, then speed up when they realize that traffic has caught up with them, but slow down again, because LOL….it’s a funny cat video?  Then stare you down for maintaining your speed on cruise control.  Really.  You can text and drive, but cruise control eludes you?

I’m continually amazed that I can say the same thing 4 times, but a random stranger can come into the conversation, make the same observation that was ignored, and now it’s somehow brilliant?

When I come to yoga early, and set up my mat, and wave to my friend, but she can’t see me standing 10 feet away, and at the end of the class asks me if I snuck in late?

I wonder if I haven’t been abducted by aliens, and it’s just a hologram of my persona going through the motions of my life, because no one is present anymore.  No one is really here.

No one….  Where did we all go?

Swarms, Extractions, Sweat

We caught a swarm…. It was about the size of a soccer ball.

My husband and I got on a ladder, I held the box over my head while the husband shook the bees down into the box.  They didn’t seem to mind.


We got the queen on the first try, gave them some food, and they seemed quite content.


They liked the box and decided to hang out with us.

The next day, we got to go extract bees from the inside of an run down farm house.  We tore out the wall, and segmented their comb.  We placed their comb into frames, and put them into a box.

The comb looks like 2×4’s between the studs on the wall, but that is beautiful uniform beeswax comb with honey and brood.  About 9 sections total, all about 4.5″ in length.



It was hot and sweaty work, but very rewarding. They did escaped, and had to be reset into the hive, but they seem to be doing well.  Hot sweaty work in close quarters with lots of smoke.

Bees are really amazing little things.


This queen has a green dot on her back.  She’s a Red Italian Queen Bee.  The Italians are a very calm, and productive bee.  She’s doing a great job.  She’s in one of our other established hive.  We suspect the swarm we caught is one of her daughters, and some of the bees from this hive.

We got to catch our own bees.  Ironic.  I felt like the momma again.  “You had better get home! It’s past your bedtime, and I’m not chasing you all over this property.  Now, get in that box!”  Thankfully, they didn’t give us any lip back, and seemed happy to have their own room.  Children….

The last few weeks have been a crash course in Swarming, honey flows, Re Queening weak hives, and just how bees are in the Spring.  It’s the busy time, and they have taught us quite a bit.

Next week….it will be time to pull some honey.  I’m pretty pumped about that.  I can only imagine what I will get to learn next!

Hello Monday

Image credit. Princess Bride via funnyasfuck.net

What gets you going on a Monday besides coffee?  Humor?  Will Power?  Joy?  Happiness?  Fear?

Hoping your week is full of every good thing.