Does weight watchers mean you watch the weight go up?

Ok….a week and I gain.

Double the fitness points….no swapping.  And I gain half a pound?

It’s such a kick in the gut to finally buy a scale after a year, and realize you are in super, big, trouble…but!

Committing to a program and kicking it for a week and no progress?

I’m cursing Brussels sprouts.

13 thoughts on “Does weight watchers mean you watch the weight go up?

  1. Wendy, I’m having the same sort of issue — working out, gain weight. I read somewhere that exercise can actually make your weight fluctuate … Higher! Are you drinking enough water (I don’t think I was). They say that can make a big difference in helping out your metabolism (don’t drink too much, though). Best of luck — I know the struggle well! 🙂

    • My most recent urinalysis from the doc was I was drinking too much water they couldn’t get a good reading. So maybe I’m holding onto water?
      So, I’m committed to be as healthy as possible and do what is good for my physical health.

      • That’s great, Wendy. A little over a year ago I gave up eating sugar (well, as much as I could — it’s in everything; I mean, though, not white sugar). I’ve felt so much better ever since then. Best of luck!

  2. Remember, we’ve just had Easter. And maybe the weight gain is simply muscle tone if you’re exercising hard. I always think that if we’re eating well and a balanced diet and exercising then we’re on the right track. Regardless, good luck with it all Wendy.

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