A Bygone time


I pass the cemetery on the way to take care of the bees.

The Willing Workers Cemetery.

It started off as the Colored cemetery in a very Catholic area of Texas.

Most of the former slaves, and workers in the area weren’t Catholic, and couldn’t be buried in the church cemetery.  So here is their little patch of land.

Some of those lying here were born in the 1850’s….Back when Texas was it’s own Sovereign nation, and slavery in the US was still legal.

The cemetery is still used, still cared for, and the Willing Workers come out and take care of it on a regular basis.  It’s a very peaceful spot.



The fascinating things you can find on back roads in Texas.  I’m very curious about their stories.

Guy Hicks a Private in Company B in WWI.

Andy and Adeline Cunningham, born in Slavery, but married, and lived their short time together.

It makes me wonder at their stories.

18 thoughts on “A Bygone time

  1. I am the same way in a cemetery, wondering about their story. What kind of families did they have? What were their struggles? What kind of people were they–kind, honest, or somewhat less–and why? I’m the same with people I see on the streets. Everyone has a story.

  2. Cemeteries offer endless stories. These two people lived long lives considering the times. Maybe you could invent the story of these two – write a book or a short story.

  3. Willing Workers. A lovely phrase that shouts its defiance to past. Perfect.

    Cemeteries are such wonderful places.
    History, reminders of our present temporary state, and daydreams about possible lives lived by people long dead. I can’t think of any place else that can bring so much in on spot.

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