Happy Resurrection Day!

Easter is such a special time.  The earth is renewing.  The dormant trees are budding.  Flowers coming to life.

It is also the time that Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.  The Risen and ever living.  The Alpha and Omega.  The Second Adam.  The Redeemer.  The Sinless, Spotless lamb who took away the sins of the world. 

Many ask Why?  What I’ve learned, and what I believe.

Because He was the only One who could.

You don’t have to believe.  But I get to Believe.  I choose to believe.  And yes, inspite all my messed up ways, I know….I know He’s there, I know he loves me, and I’m so happy he does.

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

20 thoughts on “Happy Resurrection Day!

  1. The mini garden depicting the tomb with the stone rolled away is incredible! I have never seen that and I’ve done countless Easter crafts with my kids over the years. That is awesome, as is the post! Hope you had a blessed day yesterday.

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