Fog and self censorship 


A foggy morning,

The trees budding out,

The flowers coming.

The rain on the Tin Roof

Kept me tossing and turning.

The bed was little,

The husband snoring.

To wake to this wonderland

Is never boring.

We went to a really special event for David’s cousin last night.  Some of his trophies were shipped from Africa and he displayed them along with a painting he purchased.

I started to show pictures.  After 4 deleted posts, I decided against it.  His hunting helps support villages in Africa, his foundation builds wells and maintains them for crops.  He loves Africa.  Africa loves him.  Unfortunately intolerant Americans hate him.

So I censor myself, and I won’t share the magnificent sites I got to see last night.  I won’t reply to any nasty comments about hunters, gun rights, or the behavior modification Nazis who think they are the only ones who have a clue about global economics.  

I find myself in a fog.  I’ve gotten so many encouraging comments to be myself, and yet I’m holding back.  This really kinda sucks.

7 thoughts on “Fog and self censorship 

  1. Love your poem! As to being politically correct, who gets to say what is right? What I absolutely know in my heart to be right, may not be right from my “brother’s” viewpoint. You get to decide what to post on your blog and also to decide if you are willing to put up with the negativity. Some things might be worth it, some not. There are settings so you get to approve any comment before it is posted, but you still have to read the hate. No one can answer these questions but you. Since my sadly neglected blog is about education and I have 34 years of experience, I feel I am qualified as an expert and I will write what I want. On the other hand, on Facebook I am refraining this year from political comments and “likes.” I have even limited likes on “values.” I am not afraid of offending others, I just choose to focus on the positive. It’s a democracy (well, a republic anyway): people should make up their own minds.

    David’s cousin sounds like a wonderful person who is comfortable with what he does. I commend him for his contributions to the people of Africa. His hunting can be considered an additional contribution by those who understand the benefits of legal hunting to animals and the economy of a region.

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