Sunny Saturday in S. Texas

It’s been a while since I mentioned my bees.  They’ve been enjoying this very mild winter.  Where our Bee Mentor lost two of his hives, I’m so very grateful our have done well.

A Beekeepers guide to relaxation.  All 4 hives bustling with activity.  Honey, pollen, brood, queens located.  These are some happy, happy girls.  They are happy, I am happy. 

This beautiful day on our little acreage, the Huisache is blooming, the dewberry vines are crazy with flowers, the bees are bringing in the most outrageously bright, neon-yellow pollen.  Their wax honey comb is almost a saffron yellow color, and the honey is a pale gold.  Next month will give us Pecan, Mesquite, Blue Bonnet, and Mexican hat flowers.  

We’ll let the girls keep these goodies for the population explosion coming.  Every hive had 7 out of 10 frames full of ready- to-hatch bees.  They all had drone brood.  They were flourishing.

I can stand on any portion of our 6 acres, and be still.  After a few minutes I hear them.  A slow, soft, happy hum as one of my girls finds me.  She will hover near my face for a moment and buzz away.  Then a few more will stop by.  I think they are getting to know me better.

There is a buzz in my garden

That contents my heart.

The bees fly about

They are doing their part

To create life and abundance 

Wherever they go.

They keep oh so busy

In this honey flow.


17 thoughts on “Sunny Saturday in S. Texas

    • Oh yikes, then bees are not for you. That is a deadly allergy.
      I’ve been attacked, but the worst was 14 stings on my legs at one time. I would be gone if I was allergic.
      The attack was my fault, wearing the wrong color, and strong perfume. They weren’t happy with me. Lesson learned!

  1. This is incredibly fascinating! I’d love to have bees, how wonderful that you help keep these amazing creatures alive. How did you learn beekeeping?

    • You might laugh at me….I wanted to keep our Ag exemption, and I didn’t want anything that dug or pooped. Steaming piles of manure are great for fertilizer, but my land is limited. Anything leaving manure leaves pits, holes, divots, and would eat my flowers. So my only alternative was bees, and it turns out I adore them. 😝. Simple huh? No poop zone on my land.

  2. Oh, and there are a lot of online classes, and county clubs in our state that provide support for new bee keepers. Start with being good at 1 and expand.

  3. We had bees for a while. The postmaster is probably still telling the story of their arrival at our New Mexico post office. They were happy to open early that day for us to pick them up! Unfortunately after a few seasons, the hive had a problem and we lost them. Then my husband of many interests moved on to whatever his next project was. I’ll have to say it was interesting and I learned a lot. Enjoy and avoid those stingers!

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