Lunch with a dear friend

I am a very fortunate woman.  I have two very dear friends.  

One met me for lunch yesterday.  

When we parted, after the meal…I felt like I left part of me behind.

While together we built each other up.  Each listening, each giving, each encouraging.

We laughed, and Kvechted, and made fun.

We gave advice, we shared resources, and breathed deeply in relaxed fellowship.

Friends, real friends are so rare and so precious.  They are the richness in life.

I hope that you are very rich in friends.

15 thoughts on “Lunch with a dear friend

  1. I have 3 really close friends. There was a fourth, but he’s been gone 25 years now. Besides my wife, whom I consider my best friend, they’re the only 3 people in the world who truly know me.

    • My husband is my other friend. He knows me so completely, that he sees when my energy changes, he knows when my thoughts darken, he recognizes the smallest things about me. He’s amazing.

      • As it should be. Proof positive that you’re with the right person. Can’t imagine being with someone who didn’t know me better than I know myself, and that I didn’t want to hang out with. That’d be miserable, to not enjoy your partner.

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