Full moons, inner werewolves, and weepiness

I wake on the morn of the full moon….weepy, shaky, and jittery with the feeling that something is coming.

The bad dreams leave a slimy residue in my mind that coffee just can’t seem to wash away.


I read for a bit, and the feeling continues.  

So I grab my husband and drag him to the bedroom.

He’s happy, I’m still shaky, and the anticipation, the high alert knowing that something is coming will not leave.

I haven’t tried punching anyone in the face.  That might be bad.  I’m thankful I haven’t lost all judgement.

I don’t want to go back to bed since the dreams won’t leave me, so I will prepare myself for all eventualities, and blame the moon for her gravity.

16 thoughts on “Full moons, inner werewolves, and weepiness

  1. I never believed in the full moon or Santa Ana winds phenomena until I became a teacher. I can’t tell you how many times I experienced days when kids just did strange, bizarre things as a result of those two things. I can attest to the verity of it, that it was not a self-fulfilling prophecy, because I frequently was unaware of the timing until after the fact. I’m sorry your body was so tuned in to that beautiful full moon.

    • I think it’s the gravity pull. If the moon can affect millions of gallons of water, it has to have some affect on the body, made up of mostly water. So in my preparations for it I pray, take my vitamins, and make sure I’m not retaining any extra fluid. Oh, and I mark my calendar for the next one so that I can better prepare!

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