Enchant your everyday: Fearless

Fear….what do we fear?  For some people its rejection, for some it’s heights, for some it’s bugs.

What does it take to be fearless?  Is it the lack of feeling?  Or is proceeding regardless of the fear?

I believe it’s the lack of the “feeling” of fear, something daring that is done for the joy, the bliss, the rush of adrenaline, a calling.  I believe it could also be the motivation to do something daring is stronger than anything you might feel.

Did you ever say this as a child?  Did you ever head down a slide backward, or on the edge with your legs on the outside of the slide ramp?  Did you ever jump off the swings, or off the garage?  Is Fearlessness just for youth?

What about the First Responders in an Emergency?  What gives them the Fearless nature to run into a burning building?

Have you ever had one of those Fearless moments?  What is Fearless to you?


7 thoughts on “Enchant your everyday: Fearless

  1. Fearless, I have mixed feelings about it, sometimes fear is good, keep us from doing crazy things, help us to protect our kids. But sometimes the fear takes over, and doesn’t let us do anything, this isn’t good, we should be able to find a balance, not too much fear, but enough to keep us safe.

  2. This is one of the tougher of your “Enchant Your Everyday” posts. I kept coming back to it thinking I would have an epiphany. No enlightenment has occurred. You also show ambivalence in your post as does Elizabeth in her comment. Fear can keep us safe through caution. Fear can hold us back from things we would enjoy if we could overcome our fear. We can fear for ourselves or for others. Our fears can be real or baseless. Fear can give an actor an edge just before going on stage or totally paralyze him or her with stage fright. At the end of the day, I associate being fearless with being daring and with the kind of risk taking that results in heroism.

    • Good point. I don’t think I was fearless enough when I wrote this one. Sometimes I fear what people will think, and it keeps me from doing my best work. I need to get back to my word of the year, which as unapologetic. 😊
      Thanks for your comment and reminding me to be more authentic. I need it.

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