You are never too old….. to brake your shaker.

I love Zumba.

Today was Zumba day.


 I added the belt recently to the work out, as we have added a lot of Bollywood to our hour.

When you get caught up in shaking the jingle belt….things can happen.  I felt this painful twang below my waist, right above my hip pointer……

I broke my shaker.   I’m speechless.  It’s painful to walk….

Some days, I’m so damn funny, I can’t stand it.  Jeesh.  How am I going to tell my husband what happened?

23 thoughts on “You are never too old….. to brake your shaker.

  1. This is hysterical! At first I thought you were going to be metaphorical; but, no, you really broke your shaker. It will be really hard to explain and you are in too much pain to demonstrate. I have to ask: is the title a play on words or a typo? Let’s go with “play on words.” It sounds so much better than “the computer took over…again.”

  2. Sorry Wendy, but I had to laugh too 🙂 I feel your pain. I love Zumba too- Wednesday’s my day but I think I might take the shaking easy after reading your story 🙂 Get better soon.

  3. Hi Wendy, I can see you are really in mood for Zumba. And why not go pretty to the class? I’m doing spin classes, I have nice biking outfits, but generally I go with an old T-shirt. I should get inspiration from you, and next time wear my nice outfit.

    • The dogs are wanting a walk this morning, and every step, it feels like my hip is going to pop out of the socket. I’m just a mess, and now the dogs are pissed off.
      Now I’m an old lady with a bum hip? I’m fighting that one.

      • Definitely not an old lady with a bum hip! We’re only as old as we feel. Wait, scratch that. Don’t you remember getting really sore as a kid? I do! The start of volleyball practice always did me in! We didn’t mention that age-thing then. My boys used to hurt so badly as they trained and performed their sports, too. You’re just in training, Wendy! 😉

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