The “Dolly” Green Giant

My Big Girl.  An Australian Blue Heeler…sort of.  A girl who needed a “J.O.B” as a teenager, and wouldn’t stop chewing, digging or destroying.  A dog who could instinctively herd cattle, and would, I’m certain, give her life to protect me.

She has become an amazing companion/watch dog.

She has a little…..problem.  She loves food.  And has gotten past the point of healthy.  We went to the Vet on Friday.  She was already 10 pounds overweight, and managed to gain 3 more.  We were in trouble.

Weight on dogs causes significant joint issues, back issues, and I don’t want my loyal, sweet, food motivated girl to suffer.  She eats everything in site….. My other dog’s chow, poop, bugs, lizards, whatever she can catch.  It’s kinda gross🙄

The Vet made a recommendation.  He said to give her green beans, and reduce her food.  I’d already reduced her food to 1 1/2 cups of dry chow per day.  But she was finding remarkable outlets to eat.  The Vet thought the “treat” might compensate for her need to eat everything in sight.

Well, Dolly loves the green beans, right out of the can.  She thinks they are a treat.  She is also motivated by the fact our other dog isn’t offered any.  Ho, Ho, Ho, Go Dolly….  The Green Bean Giant Dog.  Countdown from 64 pounds.  A bit hefty for a Heeler.  We are on our way.

8 thoughts on “The “Dolly” Green Giant

  1. Dolly looks like a great dog. Our first Bluey, many years ago, developed arthritis and put on a lot of weight. We were recommended by our vet to cook him kangaroo mince meat which we mixed with green vegies, beans as well! He loved it and had a pretty good life to the end. Miss him still. Blue Heelers are the best dogs.

    • Oh, he sounds like a wonderful dog.
      Dolly had a really rough go at first. We had to take her to a local rancher to get her focused. She loved her cattle. It was great to watch her work. Now that she has mellowed, she is an amazing house dog. She doesn’t like the neighbor’s dog, hence the hog wire next to our wood fence to keep her from chewing or digging through. She’d use that little dog like a chew toy if she could get to him.
      She’s my second Heeler. My first one lived to 16. One of the best dogs ever made. What a great breed!

      • They are a great breed, Wendy, our first lived for 15 years as well. Now we have a different breed, not quite as smart but still a wonderful family dog.

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