Enchant your every day: Flame

This wonderful challenge has been pretty fun so far.  It’s not to late to join in, if you are so inclined.  Check out Vanessa Sage, and join the fun.  Elizabeth from Tea and Paper is playing too, check out her photos, they are great.

Today’s word is Flame.  I found a cool pic.  Can you hear the grate of the flint?  I got burned by these so often, I subconsciously rubbed my thumb where I used to have a little callous.  These type of lighters were everywhere 25 years ago, and a must for most concerts in the 70’s and 80’s.


4 thoughts on “Enchant your every day: Flame

  1. Now there are apps that replaced these lighters for concerts. Sigh. Technology. The local gas stations still have lots of these lighters in their quick marts.

    • It’s a pale comparison for sure…..
      What’s also missing in these larger “non-smoking” facilities is a certain fragrance.
      Concerts used to get all your senses revving. But at least you don’t burn your fingers anymore.

  2. Thanks Wendy for linking my blog! You got a wonderful photo, yes I can hear it. It’s my kind of photo, simple and powerful. This challenge is really great, I’m feeling very inspired these days. Hugs to you!

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