The Houston Live Stock Show BBQ cook off.

Lights, noise, and the air scented with beef BBQ.  Brisket and ribs.  

Some chicken and sausage….lots of hats and Sass!

Bands playing on a massive stage.

220 competitors.  1 Grand Champion that I never heard of.

All the booths are by invitation only.  

You have to have one of these to get in.

Once you are in, it’s more bands, more booze, free BBQ, and lots of fun.

I played Cowboys and Indians getting ready for the show…..but I ended up looking like Stevie Ray Vaughan sans guitar, and soul patch.

It’s still fun to dress up and go out to see something fun.

ENTJ/INTJ only 4% are women

Personality profiles.  How to explain the abstract facets of a person’s persona.  Have you ever wondered what makes a person tick?  Have you ever wondered why someone doesn’t quite fit into a “box”?  

It turns out I’m a Unicorn, according to Meyers Briggs, and Jungian psychology.

Women who take this test will score high in the Feeling and Percieving segments. Men score high in the Thinking and Judging segments.  Men and women score similarly in the Introvert/Extrovert.

 This is a description from a Myers Briggs Personality Indicator test.  I’ve taken it many, many times in my professional capacities in multiple corporations.  I will sway between ENTJ and INTJ depending on the pressure I am dealing with.  Less pressure, I’m more of an extrovert.  More pressure, I pull in and focus.  Understand? Extrovert-Introvert/Intuitive/Thinking/Judging is what the initials stand for.  In other jargons….I’m an extreme Left Brain dominant individual.  Not common for a woman.

Image credits:, instagram#3, and Pinterest.

I never understood why people were afraid of me.  But now I am more aware of it, and I care substantially less about it in most cases.  I meter out my responses to be prudent but I’m tired of the continually offended.  That is their disease.  

I am an Unicorn.  Spirited.  Unique.  Free.  Precious.  Unusual.  Rare.  Priceless.  Fearless.  Authentic.  Logical.  True.  Loyal.  Devoted.  Defender of good.  Destroyer of the feckless.  Unapologetic.

Image credit. One lost dark angel

With Spirited being the writing prompt for today, and Unaplogetic being my word for the year, I’m giving you a little glimpse into the life of this Unicorn.

The moon in passing

Photo by me, last night on the back porch.

And there she goes,

Being what she was created to be,

The Governess Moon,

Influencing the tides,

Marking the rotation of the earth,

The marching of time.

Through the months,

Through the years,

Ever changing,

Ever the same.