Bona fide Corn Ball

Do you ever “mis-hear” music lyrics?

Have you ever had an inappropriate giggle when everyone else is quiet?

I thought I would join my friends for yoga today.  One of my friends is really good, and is certified to teach yoga.  No pressure there!

 At the end of the session, during the Savasanna, the instructor had a chanting song playing in the background.

I couldn’t understand the language, but what I “heard” got me giggling, then my mind was wandering, then I got really hungry.

I couldn’t tell you what the chant actually was, but what I “heard” was Holy….Cream Cheese….I want a banana.

The more it repeated, the more I wanted to giggle….until I just couldn’t keep it in!


I got so many awful looks.  Who knew people took their Savassana so seriously?  Holy cream cheese, I want a banana!


The BBC comes to America via Masterpiece Theater

I’m in love with the Sir Arthur Conan Doyal style of writing in this one.

The first three seasons were remarkable.  The transformation of the characters for this one is so much fun.

What a cast of talent.

Digging deep

Digging deep

  Losing sleep

   Casting care

     Is something there?

       On the right path?

         Do I need to turn back?




                  Something Good is going to happen today.


Rosemary, what it means to me

I’ve never known such a graceful plant.

  It’s evergreen, flowering, and hardy.

   The lovely lavender blossoms brings the bees.

    They are so lovely.

I’ve cooked with rosemary.

  I’ve decorated with rosemary,

   I’ve dragged my hands down the stems while walking past the plant.

     Lifting those Rosemary scented hands to my face

        I breath deep taking in the fragrance of the herb.

I will always have Rosemary in my garden.


  I’m tempted to pull a sprig, 

   Stick it in my bra, and wear it with me.

On aging, Fear nothing

The grays are covered for a few weeks.

The weights have been lifted.

The Zumba has been danced.

So now for the humor.

Smiling my way through, I can’t change the numbers, so why be sad?

Age is just a number.  It has nothing to do with attitude, drive, or motivation.

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And there you go!  Fear nothing.

Today I’m grateful for a beautiful sunrise, sweet puppies, a sense of humor, and a day to enjoy.

Getting the sass back

Getting older

  The gray hair isn’t pretty

    If I could gray gracefully 

      It would be a dream.

Hair color.

  The process isn’t fun

    The color doesn’t last

     Why am I fighting my hair?

How do I be me now?

  Who is this gray haired woman?

Spirit Animal Award



Thanks Rob from the VPUB for this lovely nomination.  If you haven’t swung by the VPub, stop reading this, and go there now!  You will love it.  Yes, I’m being bossy.


Are you back?  Thanks.

So, Rob nominated me for this Spirit Animal award.  It’s my first nomination this year.  I’m so very honored.  I stole the picture from His posting, just so you know.

The rules are simple:

Display the award (done!)
Write a short description about you and what your blog means to you, oh, and if you were an animal, what animal would you be.

I’m Wendy, a middle age Mom in Texas.  Recently Unemployed but back on the hunt for a new Gig.  I ride motorcycles, keep bees, have 2 dogs, and last weekend I learned how to drive a tractor.  My Blog, Ramblings and Musings, is just that.  I ramble on and muse about everything:  Nothing is safe.  I love food, friends, my four legged children, my sons, romance, marriage, coffee, wine, poetry, politics, religion,quotes, challenges, photography, and witty comments from some of my favorite commenters, like Rob!

If I were an animal?  I’d want to be a Wolf.  I’m great with a group, and I’m just fine running solo.
Nominate fellow bloggers to pass the award on to:

Lennon Carlyle Fabulous With Glitches

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Please take a few minutes to visit the nominees.  Each are very talented and fun to follow!

There is no obligation to participate, but if you want to join in the fun!  Let me know!




It was one of those “Ah Ha” moments.

I’ve been bouncing around two other words for my “Word of the Year”.

Since Grace suited me so well last year, I didn’t want to leave the Word unstated for 2016.

Earlier this afternoon, I thought I’d look at my email.  I got a request for an interview.  I’ve been interviewing, and looking for the ‘right’ job since July.  Nothing ever seemed to pan out.  I trust my ‘creep-o-meter’ implicitly, and when I got passed over for a job before Thanksgiving, I was second guessing myself, and worried.  Beating myself to a pulp for being too picky, waiting too long, not being self-confident, setting the bar “too-low”, being too proud.

See…I was all over the map!

Then I went to my office to clean off a pile of books on my desk, and this was in my reading pile.


I’ve been browsing through it, making notes, and seeing what resonated with me.  Well, the whole book is great, but what really hit home when going through it, was changing my self perception so that I don’t project any negativity.

I don’t have to apologize for being direct, honest, fierce, or driven, those are all parts of me.  I love them as much as the goofy, funny, dog-loving, bee keeper, nerd parts of me.

Pg 19  Every job I was denied for…opened the door to new opportunities.  Every relationship that hurt me…led me to my true love.  Every mistake I thought would be the end of me…pointed me toward an incredible success.  Sometimes when you think your losing, you’re winning.

So my word for 2016 is Unapologetic.  I will be genuine, and happy in my own skin.

I’m looking forward to the interview with a great expectation of Something Good is coming my way.