Two boxes of Kleenex, 27 hours of sleep, and a 3 peat of Roxanne

I learned about these too late!  Who knew that the fabulous minds of today came up with a product that would save the body of the dreaded Red Nose of Suffering!

Two boxes of Kleenex can do a number on the schnozzola.  But I’m on the mend.  

Today I woke up feeling better, had an appetite, and a little energy.  Gone were the shivers, the sweats, and the Booger Fest.

Today I’m grateful for feeling better, good sleep, and a good movie to watch over and over and one more time just because.


8 thoughts on “Two boxes of Kleenex, 27 hours of sleep, and a 3 peat of Roxanne

  1. I had no idea that these wet wipes existed. Good to know. Although I doubt they have them in Brazil.
    Ugh! Not the dreaded winter cold? Poor you. So glad that you’re on the mend though, and that you have a great attitude with gratitude.
    Hahaha, Steve Martin. I know I’ve seen this film, but it was so long ago I don’t remember exactly how it is. I thought his french accent ‘hamburger’ in The Pink Panther was hilarious. I laughed so hard.

    • Roxanne is a riff on Cirano de Bergerac. Steve Martin plays CD Bales the local fire chief with the really big nose. It’s an old movie for sure, but really witty.
      It’s good to feel better for sure.
      Are you working on any cool art projects?
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

      • Ohhhhh yes, the big nose. I will have to see if it’s on Netflix. It would be a good one to see again.
        Oh my gosh, that is one loaded @ ‘Are you working on any cool art projects?’
        question. Hahaha. I have too much to wrap my head around. I have a one I should be posting on Monday, and another one for later that week. Plus I have five more girlies to do for the 9-part poetry on mixed media project. Plus I’m writing a book. It’s going to be called ‘Art and Devotion’. It’s a devotional with original art and poetry. One page will feature the art with poetry and the other will be the devotional. Pluuuusssss, I’m trying to learn Photoshop so I can do all this. Ugh. Plusssssss, I want to start a vlog. Hahaha.
        Thanks for asking. hehehe.
        🙂 ❤

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