Kindness for Kindness sake

Yesterday, flying home from Phoenix, I met some amazing people in the airport who were just kind, and it was quite inspiring.

I switched seats, and left my IPad in the seat pocket, and the young lady who took my seat followed me and returned it to me with the sweetest smile. 

The bartender who served me, was the most cheerful…genuinely cheerful person I’d seen a quite a while.  He bestowed the most sincere compliments to everyone he came in contact with.

The airport attendants who wheeled the elderly to the baggage claim and helped their charges with their luggage were so patient.

Lastly, the driver for the parking garage I parked in, left his van to assist a lost traveler to a competitors van.  He took the time to ask her if she needed assistance, took her suitcase, and walked her the 20 yards to his competition’s van.

I have to say, there are amazing people out there.  Traveling can be very stressful for some folks, but if you look up you get to see the most wonderful, heartwarming things that inspire you to keep the kindness going.

15 thoughts on “Kindness for Kindness sake

    • I’ve seen some doozies in my day, for sure. A few years ago, I covered an 8 state territory and I was in the airport every week.
      Yesterday….was a lesson for me, a reminder, maybe a message? I was so struck at the fact that everywhere I turned, I saw such amazing kindness.
      Have a great week my friend. I hope your bod has adjusted back to real food. Did you get your chicken pot pie?

  1. Yesterday, in Pátzcuaro, MX, we were looking for an auto body shop we had been referred to. We followed directions to what was obviously not the right area. My husband questioned some people he passed on the street, in broken Spanish, and one lady had him follow her. She stopped twice to ask directions and finally got us to the unmarked body shop we needed. Watching her pull off we could tell she had gone out of her way to get us to that area of town. A much appreciated kindness from a stranger. It does happen. Like V-Pub, I am pleasantly surprised to hear you found so much of it in an airport. Between TSA and the other many stresses of airline travel, airports are usually filled with the “grumpies.” I try not to be one!

  2. The southwest seems to be that way. People used to die from the heat without water so sharing and kindness are more prevalent. There was a blogger I know from Oklahoma, who told me that when there are tornados in the state people get in their cars and just go to the affected areas to help and bring what they can…

    • I’ve traveled quite a bit for work, and I agree that the folks for the SW USA are pretty nice. But Monday was a really outstanding day.

      I’ve missed your comments, I hope you have been well.

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