Roller coaster

Ups and downs,

The slow roll up the hill.

Mechanical clanks, whirs, and buzzes…..

The stop.

The anticipation.


Courtesy of Cedar Point, Sandusky Ohio.  

The Gemini, a twin racing coaster.  One of Cedar Point’s last wooden roller coasters built.  One red line.  One blue line.  A race to the finish line.

Racing down those tracks with the view of Lake Erie so close, you could fall in…if the track would lean just a little more.

My cousins and I would team off, 2 to the blue line, 2 to the red.  We would have to take turns.  My cousin Tracy and I were the oldest.  We would trade off, my brother for her sister, and switch lines.  

We all won, we got to ride history.  

Unaccompanied minors, running through an amusement park, free to explore and have fun, we never felt afraid…except at the top of the hill, when we would fight the fear back and would concentrate on who would win…Red line or Blue line.

Sometimes, daily life feels like a roller coaster.  On these days, I remember Cedar Point, and how fearless I was a a 12 year old running unaccompanied through an amusement park with her 10 year old cousin, 7 year old brother, and 6 year old cousin and never a doubt we would have a blast.

To fearless times, may they last forever.

6 thoughts on “Roller coaster

  1. Great post Wendy. I used to love roller coasters as a child and then as a teenager I was fearless. Now I’m a bit of a chicken and heights are a definite challenge. But I still try and make the most out of life. And its ups and downs.

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