F’ It!

I don’t usually drop the f bomb.  Not that I technically dropped the whole live bomb….but you Know what I mean.

Not that I mind people who use the word at all!  Those who use the big F have those larger than life personalities where the word fits into their vocabulary like, “Crap, or Dang it” for those who are of milder, temperament.  It’s not offensive to me. I am an avid listener.  I know when people are being intentionally offensive with their choice of words, and when they are just being genuinely themselves.

Having said that; sometimes that’s the only word that fits the situation.  When I use the word, it’s on purpose, and usually gets an extraordinary response from those who know and love me.

I get this precious response from my loved ones, as if I’ve turned into a big bad wolf.  They just don’t know what to do with me.

I got a phone call, and a promise that turned into a joke, then an insult.

I got a smack in the face, turned the cheek, and got smacked again.

This is a time for confrontation, and forward motion.  

Today, I’m infinitely grateful for my God given strength, my God given confidence, and His grace to forgive the offensive.

These moments are gifts.  Specific moments that are indelibly etched in time as change.  The momentem changing plays that move a person from neutral to full steam ahead.

I’m supremely grateful for the momentum change.  Game on.  

I don’t quit till I win.

15 thoughts on “F’ It!

    • Not you my friend, you’ve never made me a joke, or insulted me.
      My long fuse got used up today. I had to make some choices, and turn things back in the right direction.😊
      My scary side is rarely shown, but it’s defiantly there.

    • Thanks my friend. Setting boundaries is a skill that really takes effort on my part. I hate getting so mad, but some folks don’t take instruction, or warnings, and have no respect for others. It was a necessary measure.

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