Bona fide Corn Ball

Do you ever “mis-hear” music lyrics?

Have you ever had an inappropriate giggle when everyone else is quiet?

I thought I would join my friends for yoga today.  One of my friends is really good, and is certified to teach yoga.  No pressure there!

 At the end of the session, during the Savasanna, the instructor had a chanting song playing in the background.

I couldn’t understand the language, but what I “heard” got me giggling, then my mind was wandering, then I got really hungry.

I couldn’t tell you what the chant actually was, but what I “heard” was Holy….Cream Cheese….I want a banana.

The more it repeated, the more I wanted to giggle….until I just couldn’t keep it in!


I got so many awful looks.  Who knew people took their Savassana so seriously?  Holy cream cheese, I want a banana!

35 thoughts on “Bona fide Corn Ball

  1. haha! You’ll have to try those lyrics at karaoke! I misheard lyrics before. Johnny Cash singing ‘Hurt’. The part where he sings, ‘what have I become, my sweetest friend’ was heard as ‘my swedish fish’.

  2. Love it! I”m always changing the words of songs, sometimes I think they’re better than the original! And as for singing about food, well that’s top of the list. Priorities!

  3. That’s awesome!!! I laugh at the most awkward moments….So I would’ve been giggling with you. Actually you would’ve probably snort laughed because I completely suck at Yoga. I’m such a clumsy uncoordinated chic it’s hilarious. I got kicked out of a yoga class one time πŸ™‚

    • That’s awesome. I snort laugh…..always. It cracks my friends up when I snort, which makes me laugh harder, snort more, then they laugh harder.
      I’m not sure I’m welcome back at the class. I was getting the stink eye pretty good from the die-hard yogis in there.
      Oh well. I like Zumba better anyway.
      Nothing like a 52 year old dancing like she’s 18 to get the snort laughs going really well!

  4. You definitely need to return to Zumba where people don’t take themselves so seriously! I think most of us have a misunderstood lyrics moment, but yours and its timing is priceless!

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