Rosemary, what it means to me

I’ve never known such a graceful plant.

  It’s evergreen, flowering, and hardy.

   The lovely lavender blossoms brings the bees.

    They are so lovely.

I’ve cooked with rosemary.

  I’ve decorated with rosemary,

   I’ve dragged my hands down the stems while walking past the plant.

     Lifting those Rosemary scented hands to my face

        I breath deep taking in the fragrance of the herb.

I will always have Rosemary in my garden.


  I’m tempted to pull a sprig, 

   Stick it in my bra, and wear it with me.

6 thoughts on “Rosemary, what it means to me

  1. I love Rosemary as well. I’ve had a big bush in my backyard, ever since I moved in, over 20 years ago and it’s one of my favourite herbs. So fragrant, so versatile. Lovely post.

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