Spirit Animal Award



Thanks Rob from the VPUB for this lovely nomination.  If you haven’t swung by the VPub, stop reading this, and go there now!  You will love it.  Yes, I’m being bossy.


Are you back?  Thanks.

So, Rob nominated me for this Spirit Animal award.  It’s my first nomination this year.  I’m so very honored.  I stole the picture from His posting, just so you know.

The rules are simple:

Display the award (done!)
Write a short description about you and what your blog means to you, oh, and if you were an animal, what animal would you be.

I’m Wendy, a middle age Mom in Texas.  Recently Unemployed but back on the hunt for a new Gig.  I ride motorcycles, keep bees, have 2 dogs, and last weekend I learned how to drive a tractor.  My Blog, Ramblings and Musings, is just that.  I ramble on and muse about everything:  Nothing is safe.  I love food, friends, my four legged children, my sons, romance, marriage, coffee, wine, poetry, politics, religion,quotes, challenges, photography, and witty comments from some of my favorite commenters, like Rob!

If I were an animal?  I’d want to be a Wolf.  I’m great with a group, and I’m just fine running solo.
Nominate fellow bloggers to pass the award on to:

Lennon Carlyle Fabulous With Glitches

Monica Look Around 99

Pizza Pals

Please take a few minutes to visit the nominees.  Each are very talented and fun to follow!

There is no obligation to participate, but if you want to join in the fun!  Let me know!



12 thoughts on “Spirit Animal Award

  1. I love it when you’re bossy! 😉 Thanks for joining in on the nomination, Wendy, and thank you for your very kind words!

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