Two boxes of Kleenex, 27 hours of sleep, and a 3 peat of Roxanne

I learned about these too late!  Who knew that the fabulous minds of today came up with a product that would save the body of the dreaded Red Nose of Suffering!

Two boxes of Kleenex can do a number on the schnozzola.  But I’m on the mend.  

Today I woke up feeling better, had an appetite, and a little energy.  Gone were the shivers, the sweats, and the Booger Fest.

Today I’m grateful for feeling better, good sleep, and a good movie to watch over and over and one more time just because.


Colds, cold medicine, Kleenex, and falling over

I’m not a sick person.

I rarely go to the doctor.

But I came back from Phoenix with a cold, Dammit.

So I got on the couch with my tea, blankie, and Kleenex. 

My darling friends brought me Pho, spring rolls, dumplings, magazines, and more Kleenex. 

My nose is red, my ears hurt and are ringing, and as I sit down to soup, I fall on my butt cause I’m so dizzy.

What do my friends do?

They laugh their butts off because it was so hilarious.

Too bad my cold medicine wasn’t the old fashion kind.  But I’d really like to find some of this….

It would make falling down, so much more deserved.

To your health!

Kindness for Kindness sake

Yesterday, flying home from Phoenix, I met some amazing people in the airport who were just kind, and it was quite inspiring.

I switched seats, and left my IPad in the seat pocket, and the young lady who took my seat followed me and returned it to me with the sweetest smile. 

The bartender who served me, was the most cheerful…genuinely cheerful person I’d seen a quite a while.  He bestowed the most sincere compliments to everyone he came in contact with.

The airport attendants who wheeled the elderly to the baggage claim and helped their charges with their luggage were so patient.

Lastly, the driver for the parking garage I parked in, left his van to assist a lost traveler to a competitors van.  He took the time to ask her if she needed assistance, took her suitcase, and walked her the 20 yards to his competition’s van.

I have to say, there are amazing people out there.  Traveling can be very stressful for some folks, but if you look up you get to see the most wonderful, heartwarming things that inspire you to keep the kindness going.

3 days with a baby

My dearest Emerson wrote, in his essay Self Reliance 

“Infancy conforms to nobody: all conform to it, so that one babe commonly makes four or five out of the adults prattle and play to it.”


I had the great pleasure to spend three days at my brother’s house with the new Baby, Maria Elizabeth.  Maria for her recently departed Great Grandmother, and Elizabeth for me, it’s my middle name.

I prattled, and “coo’d” and cuddled. 

And we hiked, and I melted with love for this little girl.

She’s the first girl born in our family in 32 years.  Watch out boy cousins, she’s pretty strong!  She’s really smart, and I’m still crying cause I couldn’t take her home with me.  She done stole my heart…dang it.

Roller coaster

Ups and downs,

The slow roll up the hill.

Mechanical clanks, whirs, and buzzes…..

The stop.

The anticipation.


Courtesy of Cedar Point, Sandusky Ohio.  

The Gemini, a twin racing coaster.  One of Cedar Point’s last wooden roller coasters built.  One red line.  One blue line.  A race to the finish line.

Racing down those tracks with the view of Lake Erie so close, you could fall in…if the track would lean just a little more.

My cousins and I would team off, 2 to the blue line, 2 to the red.  We would have to take turns.  My cousin Tracy and I were the oldest.  We would trade off, my brother for her sister, and switch lines.  

We all won, we got to ride history.  

Unaccompanied minors, running through an amusement park, free to explore and have fun, we never felt afraid…except at the top of the hill, when we would fight the fear back and would concentrate on who would win…Red line or Blue line.

Sometimes, daily life feels like a roller coaster.  On these days, I remember Cedar Point, and how fearless I was a a 12 year old running unaccompanied through an amusement park with her 10 year old cousin, 7 year old brother, and 6 year old cousin and never a doubt we would have a blast.

To fearless times, may they last forever.


Image from Pinterest.

I melt

  From the great object that I was

    Into the flow of nothing

     Nothingness, opens its arms

      And scatters me out into the void

Oh Glen Frey….

I might cry till I feel better.

My first celebrity crush.  What a talent.  I can’t believe he’s gone.

My prayers to the family, the band members, and the fans.

Music won’t be the same.

I’m so grateful I got to see them in concert.

Grateful for supportive friends

Image credit:  sun gazing

Thanks everyone for your awesome support as I struggled through my recent challenge.

With every opposition, I know I’m getting stronger and more capable of facing these interpersonal issues.  I’m better at letting go of anger, and forgiving hurt.  My recoveries are getting faster, and my ability to be effective in resolving conflict is getting almost….masterful.  I think that’s because of your association, I’m more confident in who I am.

Because of you all, and your wonderful blogs I’m finding the very best in me.  

Thank you all.

Today I’m most grateful for my wordpress family.

After the mad

After the mad melts away, the hurt…..hurts.

Image credit Dominic Murphy

Mad cannot be sustained.  

The hurt will heal.

Until then

Shall we have a cup of tea

And wait for the Cheshire Cat?

F’ It!

I don’t usually drop the f bomb.  Not that I technically dropped the whole live bomb….but you Know what I mean.

Not that I mind people who use the word at all!  Those who use the big F have those larger than life personalities where the word fits into their vocabulary like, “Crap, or Dang it” for those who are of milder, temperament.  It’s not offensive to me. I am an avid listener.  I know when people are being intentionally offensive with their choice of words, and when they are just being genuinely themselves.

Having said that; sometimes that’s the only word that fits the situation.  When I use the word, it’s on purpose, and usually gets an extraordinary response from those who know and love me.

I get this precious response from my loved ones, as if I’ve turned into a big bad wolf.  They just don’t know what to do with me.

I got a phone call, and a promise that turned into a joke, then an insult.

I got a smack in the face, turned the cheek, and got smacked again.

This is a time for confrontation, and forward motion.  

Today, I’m infinitely grateful for my God given strength, my God given confidence, and His grace to forgive the offensive.

These moments are gifts.  Specific moments that are indelibly etched in time as change.  The momentem changing plays that move a person from neutral to full steam ahead.

I’m supremely grateful for the momentum change.  Game on.  

I don’t quit till I win.