8th day of Christmas gratitude–Joy On 4 Feet

We have this dog, Rascal.  I’ve written about him before.  He loves to play, and pose for the camera.

He will sit with me and tempt me with a slobber covered ball.

Sometimes he will bat at it with his paw, if he can’t reach it.  As if to prompt some sort of rescue response out of me.

But inevitably, he gets the ball to give to me.  He wants to play, all the time.

His little docked tail, wiggles back and forth in perpetual motion. 

He’s always happy, and want everyone to be happy around him.

Rascal is Joy on 4 feet.

I’m very grateful for special puppies in my life, even though he’s 7 now, he’s still a puppy at heart.

10 thoughts on “8th day of Christmas gratitude–Joy On 4 Feet

    • Merry Christmas to you! And welcome. I will have to pop by your blog. I look forward to getting better acquainted.
      I’m glad you liked Rascal, he’s pretty cool.

  1. Rascal’s personality shines through in these photos, Wendy. They are joy on 4 paws. I went to Petco yesterday to make sure my pup has a chewie to open next Friday. 🙂

    • What kind of pup do you have?
      Rascal is a finicky eater. I tried to introduce an off-brand from his usual dental chew. He liked them for two days, then turned his nose up. He’s spoiled rotten. 😊

      • I have a puggle. A cross between a pug and and beagle. I’m posting a photo of him shortly, and he’s spoiled as well. 🙂

  2. I once read that we should imagine how they feel, when they have killed the ball brought it to us, and we throw it away again … Hmmmm … Ever read The Art of Racing in the Rain. The whole story is told by the dog. Fantastic read!

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