6th day of Christmas Gratitude

Decorating for the holiday does take effort, but this year, I’m glad I got through it.

We always decorate the mantle, and display our Christmas cards on the garland and fireplace screen.

The family photos are taken here too.

It took three trips to the attic to find the middle of the tree.  I’m convinced we have too much stuff.  Time to purge some of the silly things we aren’t using.

Last year my mother and grandmother both passed away between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Between funerals, and the travel needed to take care of the details, I didn’t really participate in the holiday hub-bub.

On this 6th day of Christmas gratitude, I’m grateful to be on the other side of grief.  I’m supremely grateful for the Joy of the season, the strength to clean and decorate my home, the means to buy presents for my family, the opportunity to plan to entertain my friends and family, and most of all I’m grateful for Jesus.  He’s the reason for this Season.  I wouldn’t have made it through this year without Him.

10 thoughts on “6th day of Christmas Gratitude

  1. Hi Wendy, lovely space you have there, I’m glad you are feeling well now. I always take part on some gratitude week this month, but this year is ending so fast, I didn’t think about it. Glad you are keep up with your gratitude posts.

  2. I am so sorry that you lost your mom and grandmother so closely together… but am also happy you can see the “other side of grief.” It is what they would want.
    Also, I giggled that you had difficulty finding the middle of your tree. 😉 Funny. However, like you, I have realized the need for a major purge!!!!

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