5th day of Christmas Gratitude, Grinches on parade.

Late yesterday, I was with my husband while he had some tests at the Dr.  

I was amazed at the number of rude, bitter, complaining men in the waiting room.

One was dropping F bombs, and there were two little girls sitting behind him.  When I asked him to “please curb his cussing, there were children behind him”.  He cursed me, and shook his fist in threat to me.  I laughed at the little man, and raised my phone to take his picture.  He promptly sat back and shut up, something tells me he’d been in trouble for threatening assault before.

When the two little girls were ushered out of the waiting room, another man started complaining loudly.  He didn’t drop any F bombs, but there were plenty of 4 letter words, and he stormed out of the office because he’d been waiting an hour for the doctor.  Before he got to the door, he banged on the sliding glass window at the nurses station.  They didn’t answer him promptly, so he yelled to the rest of us that the office was closed.

I sat pondering the bizzarre turn of events, and laughed a little more.

What is worse, being subjected to a bitter person’s tirade, or God Forbid, being that bitter person?

On this 5th day of Christmas, I’m grateful for good doctors.  I’m grateful for a loving husband who would have come running to my rescue, if I had but hollered.  I’m grateful for the presence of mind to laugh at the old Scrooge, and not curse back at him.  I’m grateful for the gumption to stand up in the face of a bully, and not just tolerate such evil behavior.

I’m grateful for this season.  My husband and I had a lovely dinner after his tests.  We walked through the beautifully decorated Town Center before we drove home, and enjoyed the lights and the balmy temperature.

17 thoughts on “5th day of Christmas Gratitude, Grinches on parade.

  1. I’m usually too overwhelmed with anxiety to be surly at the doctors office. I wonder what makes these curmudgeons the way they are? Life is too short.

  2. Makes one wonder if their illness is related to their emotional state … Heaven knows as you sow so also shall you reap. Nothing will change for them until they change … Glad you found grace and gratefulness in your day …

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