2nd day of Christmas Gratitude

My first cookie exchange!  I was invited by my lovely friend Kimberly to join in the fun.  Everyone brings multiple dozens of one type of cookie, and goes home with multiple dozens of assorted cookies!

The laughter flowed, we drank Mimosas, ate cookies, had fun swapping recipes.

It’s so wonderful to have gal pals close by.

So on my 2nd day of Christmas gratitude, I’m very thankful for kind invitations, and wonderful company.

8 thoughts on “2nd day of Christmas Gratitude

    • One of the ladies brought her cookie recipe to bake at the event too, so the whole house smelled like cookies, and we got to indulge on fresh baked cookies from the oven. 😊. Our hostess bought Christmas plates from the dollar store for us to take our cookies home with us. It was really nice.

  1. Looks really fun & seems like an excellent idea to binge on cookies! Plus not only binge but also taste, experience, & share those yummy-looking cookies! Thanks for the idea.

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