Car madness, meltdowns, and lunch therapy

On Monday, I took my car to the dealership.  It’s two months old, I bought it new.

Check engine light comes on.  Random tire pressure lights go on and off.

The day before Thanksgiving, I’m researching the issue that is Transmission related, and call the dealership in a panic.  They said it was a software issue, I took it in.  They upgraded the software.  Problem fixed?  No.  Problem back.

Friday after Thanksgiving, the check engine light comes on with an unknown issue with the power train.  So I trot myself back to the dealership.  I’ve done my homework, bring up the transmission issues known, and dealt with, and not happy that I had to come back.  

The “service coordinator” I got wasn’t a happy camper…he didn’t like my questions, my research, or my requests.  My husband works for a public utility, and the “service coordinator” started spouting off that his gas had been turned off serveral times, and wanted to know what the company policy (at my husband’s company) was on gas payments.  My husband works for the electrical side of company.          Our “service coordinator” told me I would just have to drive the car till the following Wednesday and pay for a rental.  They would “keep the car till its fixed”.

I left the dealership unhappy and quite angry.  They made the mistake of sending me a satisfaction survey…..the “service coordinator” I rated poorly, and left a detailed account of the experience actually had the audacity to call my husband at work and asked him why we rated him so poorly.  He didn’t understand.

My husband and I decided to visit another dealership.

Although the other dealership was friendlier, the path to resolution has been very slow.  They will replace my transmission, and computer.  They will provide a loaner, but not until the Manufacturer approves it, which hasn’t happened yet.  They have had it 4 days so far. 

In other auto related news:

We just purchased a 16 foot utility trailer for the farm.  Bringing it home last night the trailer’s brakes locked up, and smoke came from the trailer, and it started dragging our truck.  We spent 3 hours dealing with roadside assistance.  (My eye is twitching.)

The trailer shop fixed the wiring issue, without mishap.

Today, I got to lunch with my gal pals.  I didn’t realize all the pent up frustration I had going on. 

When I spewed out my story, my lovely friends bought me a really big Moscow Mule, patted my back, and gave me tons of support.

Image courtesy of

It’s so cool to have supportive pals when navigating the bureaucratic mess of a government run auto dealer.  

In the saga of the auto repair, I’m keeping detailed records, just in case those proposed law suits come to pass.  I’m keeping my pals close, and I’m discovering the benefits of the whole Mule craze.

What is the worst service experience you’ve had?  Have you ever sent in a negative feedback on a survey?

Has it ever worked for you?

10 thoughts on “Car madness, meltdowns, and lunch therapy

  1. My thoughts are with you! I ‘ve had 4 cars in the last 10 years – all had computerized troubles. My old pickup – a precomputerized gear-sticked 30 year old, hasn’t blinked an eye. It sails along quite happily.

  2. Can you stand a positive story? We currently live in Mexico. We bought a demo pickup truck with a one year warranty. The manual is in Spanish. After a few months of ownership, my husband tried to check the fluid levels and pulled hard on a black “stick” that came all the way out and obviously shouldn’t have. He could not find what it was supposed to be connected to. Not knowing what damage he had done, we drove to the big city early the next morning and waited in line. We explained the problem in broken Spanish and with many hand gestures and were clear that it was our fault. They put it on the rack and then we had to wait for the truck to cool down. They repaired it pretty quickly. We were probably done in an hour. The charge? “It’s under warranty–nada!”
    I could also share less positive stories of dealerships and automobile computers in the states, but you have plenty all by yourself. May your vehicle woes end soon!

    • The one positive note in this story, is that it hasn’t cost us money yet…just inconvenience, and the frustration of dealing with folks who don’t care.

      I speak a little Spanish, but is all book Spanish. When I speak with a native speaker, it’s so funny. They stand up straight, and look at me like I’m from a different planet. 😁

  3. I am so sorry about your shirty couple of days! Girlfriends make everything better. Report your complaint. They need to know about their issues. I also send compliments of I get excellent service so most definitely do the survey!

    • Absolutely! I love getting to brag on great service. I think that’s why I’m so floored by the “rash” of issues.
      I’m not convinced that the Big Car company is interested in their poor service records. After their last bail out, they ended up with a politician running their company.
      I love the vehicle I bought, and I’m grateful That I don’t have to pay for the repairs.

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