Reference check

The email appears last night at 5:09 pm.

Its esoteric request was disappointing.  


You have achieved the next level in our selection process.  Please log in and provide us with the email addresses of 5 professional references.  One of the references must be a former manager.  These references cannot be friends or family! 

 This is a very important step in our selection process and must be completed within 48 hours.

If you are no longer interested in this position, please click here, and you will be removed from our selection process.

Most of the people I’ve worked with in the past are friends….that poses a dilemma.  

What questions are emailed in this survey?

Next week is Thanksgiving, and most of my friends are taking the week off.

Since the email came in after 5pm on Friday, when does the 48 hours start?

What happened to the other 4 applicants being considered?

What will my friends think about this survey?  They’ve been gracious enough to accept….but?

Why do I feel so exposed, and stupid?

Do I want to take this next step?

Today I am grateful for choices, a supportive husband, and a little time to think things through.  

18 thoughts on “Reference check

  1. Scam – I did a job search for an entire year and this type of email is simply phishing. References are not generally required until there is an offer on the table. I got hired by a global company and only needed references as a formality after I was offered the job. Forget it and move on …

      • One thing I learned in searching in today’s market is to just keep moving. Even after the best interviews I would come home and start applying for more. There is no time to stop and get excited. It ain’t over until it’s over, and it will come when you least expect it. Good luck!

    • It seems there is no end to what people will do–especially online where there is so much anonymity. It’s a little scary–what kind of personal information they do they hope to garner from this?

      • Who knows. Maybe all the do is sell the names of people who might have influence in purchasing decision … Networking is the key, and use social media – especially LinkedIn …

      • I’ve got a call into them to make sure I understand what they want. They haven’t made an offer yet, so I’m really reluctant to offer up my professional contacts until I know more. This doesn’t bode well for a future position for me. 😞

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