Honey Tasting, or Why I Zumba

My gal pals from Zumba, Kimberly, Sheral, and Michelle, graciously agreed to be my Guinea Pigs for my first ever Honey Tasting party.

I never knew how many different varieties of honey are available, the regional differences, the colors, the bouquet.  

We did pretty well with the basics Color, Aroma, and Initial impressions.  We weren’t quite sophisticated enough to establish Terrior, or Predominant flavors.  I have two speeds when it comes to taste Yum and Yuck.  So having said that, the tasting for me was all about the company.

The three liquid honeys that I wanted to share were Tallow Tree, Yaupon, and Huajillo.  All are native plants to South Texas, and range pretty broadly in color and flavor.

I served Chicken wings in a honey garlic glaze, baked Brie with cranberry relish and walnuts, pears wrapped in Prociutto with blue cheese, Crostini with goat cheese and apples, 3 different crackers, grapes, and just blue cheese, and goat cheese to spread on different things. 

We agreed that the Yaupon went really well with the Prociutto, Pears, Walnuts and Goat cheese.  It was fabulous with the Chardonnay.  The darkest honey was from the Tallow Tree, it paired well with the chicken, the blue cheese, and the Brie.  The lightest was from the Huajillo, and it was awesome with the apple slices, and the chocolate.  Well all the varieties were awesome with the chocolate.  After all…it’s chocolate!

I’ve got lots of good info for the next time we try this.  I’m thinking of Chicken and waffles, that would be a fabulous base to get things rolling.


12 thoughts on “Honey Tasting, or Why I Zumba

    • I put it together myself. I looked up ideas on Pinterest and gave it a shot. I bought the honey from a commercial bee keeper who specializes in Mono-floral honeys and Ta Da! It became a party.😊

      There should be some local bee keeper associations in TN, I’m sure they can point you to the best honey for your area.

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