Yesterday, I couldn’

Everything clicks,

Words that come out of your mouth, are understood. (Freaking out over this one.)

You move from task to task…completing them as you go. (OMG!  I didn’t leave a trail of half done anything behind me.)

Completing things in record time. ( I cleaned out the three big flower beds out front, grocery shopped, vaccumed, made 3 meals, paid bills, walked the dogs, cleaned myself up, 3 loads of laundry folded and put away, recipes tested for the honey garlic sauce needed, started the outline on a children’s book idea, and enjoyed a nice glass of wine….I’m in wonder…who was that masked “do all” woman?). 

Sweat comes. 

Sweat goes.

Meals get made.

Meals are eaten.

Dishes are cleaned.

Coffee is set up and ready for tomorrow.

Plans are made and acknowledged.  ( in marvel over this one too.)

It’s been six months, and today…I’m finally myself, passion, purpose, and achievements are returning.

What’s changed?  No clue.  Yesterday….I couldn’t, today I could.  I can only thank God for the Grace for today.

Today was so good, I’m a little nervous for tomorrow.

Even if it is a typical day, I will still treasure the Supreme Grace of today.  Gratitude Overflow.

I may not be able to move tomorrow after all the weeding and turf turning today.  It will all be ok.

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