To avatar, or not to avatar?

I’ve seen some cool blogs with fun cartoon accents.  Even a post on  Bit strips. So I thought I’d check it out.  Thanks Michael!

What do you think?

I had some fun putting these together.  Are the me?   I don’t know, but I’m always up to trying something new.  They may go the way of the Coloring Books for Grown Ups.

16 thoughts on “To avatar, or not to avatar?

    • It is a Free App! I haven’t tried to find the website on my Mac, but I had no trouble on my tablet getting things set up. The only odd thing is that it wanted to use my Facebook account to continue. They are setting up a way to set up with just an email, but it wasn’t ready yet. They have a companion app call Bitmoji. They have some funny things there too. It’s a lark, no doubt, but it made me giggle.

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