Monday Gratitude

After my giant cup of coffee, it’s off to the car dealership.  It’s a mystery what is wrong with my vehicle, but we will figure it out.

I’m grateful today for great messages, a loving husband, texts from old friends, and this waiting time.

Something good is coming my way.  After all, the coffee my husband made this morning is fantastic.  Is there a better way to start a Monday?  Great coffee, and gratitude.


Tomorrow marks 1 year since my mother passed away.  2015 has been almost as difficult as 2014.              But 2015 has had some good emotional healing.

I’ve come to treasure my time alone.  It is almost a natural state to me now, as being still and waiting.

Black Friday Hangover Remedy


I had a comment conversation with my Buddy Rob from the VPUB regarding shopping, and Black Friday.

Neither one of us is big on shopping, or the Black Friday experience, but lots of folks love it.

So for those of you who ‘shopped till you dropped’ yesterday, here’s a little Christmas Can Can for you, from my favorite group, Straight, No Chaser.


Happy Thanksgiving

Credit:  cleverly simple

My dearest Emerson, how I love his words.  

Today I’m thankful for some quiet time, my family, my dogs, and a lovely meal.

Wherever you are enjoy, and give thanks.

Boys….I love them.

Today is one of those Blue Bird Days in S. Texas.  The sun is bright, about 55 degrees, soft breeze, blue skies, and so enjoyable.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, and being a little nostalgic on this pre-Thanksgiving Sunday, I started thinking about my boys, and some of the things I’m so grateful for.

Little boys and sticks.

I have two of my own boys, who (when they were younger) inevitably found sticks where ever we were.  They would have epic battles, glorious sword fights, and there would be noise, and dirt, and sweat, and grins, and grunts.  I loved every minute. (no one lost an eye, or got more that a swat mark from these battles.)


My 4 legged boy is no different. If it isn’t a ball or frisbee, he finds a stick and wants to play.


If I don’t play immediately, the little booger will hit me in the leg with his stick until I do.  His name is Rascal, and he is the pure embodiment of the term.

What is it with boys and sticks?  I love boys.  They are so wonderful.

I’m a grateful mom of two wonderful human sons, and one canine little boy.

Reference check

The email appears last night at 5:09 pm.

Its esoteric request was disappointing.  


You have achieved the next level in our selection process.  Please log in and provide us with the email addresses of 5 professional references.  One of the references must be a former manager.  These references cannot be friends or family! 

 This is a very important step in our selection process and must be completed within 48 hours.

If you are no longer interested in this position, please click here, and you will be removed from our selection process.

Most of the people I’ve worked with in the past are friends….that poses a dilemma.  

What questions are emailed in this survey?

Next week is Thanksgiving, and most of my friends are taking the week off.

Since the email came in after 5pm on Friday, when does the 48 hours start?

What happened to the other 4 applicants being considered?

What will my friends think about this survey?  They’ve been gracious enough to accept….but?

Why do I feel so exposed, and stupid?

Do I want to take this next step?

Today I am grateful for choices, a supportive husband, and a little time to think things through.  

Honey Tasting, or Why I Zumba

My gal pals from Zumba, Kimberly, Sheral, and Michelle, graciously agreed to be my Guinea Pigs for my first ever Honey Tasting party.

I never knew how many different varieties of honey are available, the regional differences, the colors, the bouquet.  

We did pretty well with the basics Color, Aroma, and Initial impressions.  We weren’t quite sophisticated enough to establish Terrior, or Predominant flavors.  I have two speeds when it comes to taste Yum and Yuck.  So having said that, the tasting for me was all about the company.

The three liquid honeys that I wanted to share were Tallow Tree, Yaupon, and Huajillo.  All are native plants to South Texas, and range pretty broadly in color and flavor.

I served Chicken wings in a honey garlic glaze, baked Brie with cranberry relish and walnuts, pears wrapped in Prociutto with blue cheese, Crostini with goat cheese and apples, 3 different crackers, grapes, and just blue cheese, and goat cheese to spread on different things. 

We agreed that the Yaupon went really well with the Prociutto, Pears, Walnuts and Goat cheese.  It was fabulous with the Chardonnay.  The darkest honey was from the Tallow Tree, it paired well with the chicken, the blue cheese, and the Brie.  The lightest was from the Huajillo, and it was awesome with the apple slices, and the chocolate.  Well all the varieties were awesome with the chocolate.  After all…it’s chocolate!

I’ve got lots of good info for the next time we try this.  I’m thinking of Chicken and waffles, that would be a fabulous base to get things rolling.


Twilight Zone

It’s 2 am.


Waking up with music running in my head, not sure why.

I imagine Rod Serling walking though the door any minute to tell me I’m in the Twilight Zone.

The stillness is getting to me….I’m still, well, still.

Oh Stillness,

you are very calm.

I fidget and fuss

But you remain

Till I wear myself out

And go back to bed.


Zumba is medicine


I figured out today, after an intense session of jumping, squatting, punching, and kicking— moved into twerking, shimmy, shake, shake, shake…..this is medicine to me.  I feel so good.  I can’t twerk, but it’s the effort that makes it fun. 

There are two things I need:  1.  Jesus. 2.  Zumba

Then I’m set for the day to give my family, friends, dogs, and future co-workers my best self.

Have a fabulous week!