The Great Debate


I must ask for feedback on this.  There is a debate raging in my home, and has been for most of the 22 years my husband and I have been married.

It’s an odd thing to even be on the debate radar, but folks:  what do you call these?

Is it Panty?

Is it Panties?

My husband will pick up a pair of my underwear and call the garment a “panty”.  It drives me nuts!

They aren’t a “panty”!  The garment is a pair of “panties”!

You don’t say a “pant”. It’s a pair of pants.  It’s a pair of jeans.  It’s a pair of shorts.  Of course you can have a “pant” leg, because it’s only half of the garment.


Come on people, help me here.  I might be able to tolerate his mulish ways if I get some popular opinion.

I’ve tried to call them some this else like “undies, drawers, delicates, girl stuff”…..and it always gravitates back to “panties”.

Please comment, I need some feedback.  If you have any other neutral terminology for the garment, I’d love to hear that too!


18 thoughts on “The Great Debate

  1. Another conundrum, Wendy. Can one article of clothing be called a pair? Why is one pair of panties not really two? I will now obsess on this for the remainder of the day. 😀

  2. A quick search does not solve or even discuss the debate. Both are listed and I assume both are right as long as you use the correct verb form (plural for panties). So you can grudgingly give each other a high five and move on to issues that are really important–toilet seat lid, toothpaste dispensing method, etc.

  3. Hahahaha. Ok, I’ve never really thought about this. But now that I have, when I mention the female undergarments, I say ‘panties’. Like, “Are these your panties?” or “Can you grab me a pair of panties please?” or Hannah (my daugher), get some panties and then put on your pajamas. Ok, I’m convinced. It’s ‘PANTIES’. Hahahaha.
    Have a great weekend Wendy.

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