Bathrooms are strange places for photos 

I’m a very reserved, conservative, Midwestern, white girl who now lives in the Deep South, in Deep South Texas…Bible reading, gun toting, big hair, “bless your heart” Deep South.

I was raised to keep things contained and appropriate.  Sometimes I will jump out on the edge of appropriate if something strikes me funny.  When I do, it’s usually worth the shock value.

Now, keep in mind I was raised that bathrooms are a private place.  Certainly a Public Ladies Room would require double the privacy.  Don’t make eye contact, be polite, wait in line if necessary.  If someone is out of paper, share absolutely, but don’t stick your head under the partition and say “howdy”.  Heaven forbid!

We went to a show in Branson, MO. The Shoji Tabuchi theater is world famous for their restrooms.  I know that sounds weird, but they are.  They’ve been featured on 60 Minutes and Good Morning America.

Maybe my expectations, or my imagination couldn’t fathom anything being better than the 45 stall extravaganza at the Buc-ees Truck Stop in Luling, Tx.  That’s where everyone stops on the way to San Antonio.  They have billboards for that particular potty starting at the Louisiana Border, almost 250 miles from the stop.   

You got to love the Beaver.

Meanwhile , back in Branson.  My brother-in-law kept telling me he wanted to know what’s in the ladies room at the theater.  I gave him my best sideways glance.  He explained that the men’s room was fabulous, all black marble, and a billiards table.  “Uh uh.” Was my witty response.  

There’s a billiards table in the men’s room.  That’s my man in the black shirt, and my other brother-in-law sitting at the end of the row.  The man in the blue sequen vest is the bass player for the band.

I had to trot myself to the potty on the other side of the venue.  Never in my 51 years have I ever seen so many women taking pictures on a bathroom.  It was over the top “Liberace” ornate.

A massive jumble of purple, and green.  White marble, cherubs, crystal chandeliers, Christmas trees, lighted ornaments, greenery, Santa Clauses, Angels, snow…..Settees, sofas, rockers….mirrors.  And a good 25 individual private potty alcoves.

So many women would get so distracted by their surroundings they would wander away from their sinks leaving the water running.

Sorry my picture quality wasn’t all that great….the glare folks from all that crystal, mirrors and glitter had me a little flustered.  Not to mention all the picture taking.

For heaven’s sake, it’s a bathroom ladies, have some decorum.

12 thoughts on “Bathrooms are strange places for photos 

    • Carolina’s are great. My folks lived there for a bit. Texas isn’t for everyone, but I always say, “Vivre le difference”. Go where you love to be!
      I can’t stand Dallas, but I love Houston. East Texas gets weird, Austin is so funky, fun, and I’m especially fond of Lubbock, mostly for the people, and the lighter college town fun. I’m fortunate to be able to go where I enjoy.

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