I AM The Queen

Thanks boho-weddings.com

This is the perfect saying for the situation I am facing.

I seemed to have forgotten my place.  I may have resigned my income for a time.  That does not erase the last 25 years of superior reign, superior income, superior service. 

It seems silly that I can work for 25 years, clean, cook, take care of children, Christmas celebrations, birthday duty, pay bills, financial investments, tax preparation, make sure hunting leases, fishing license, and golf excursions are prepared and ready, let’s not forget the yard, the garden, and the neighbor relations….and I managed to exceed all other income in the house….but still made to feel like I’m less?

My place will not be changed because my circumstances have changed.  I am still the Queen of my own realm.

I am still worthy.  I am still worthy of respect and admiration.  I am a partner, not a woman-for-hire.

I’m rebuking myself for allowing anyone to take my crown, or push me out of my place. 

Queen….That ME!

7 thoughts on “I AM The Queen

  1. Heck ya. Of course you are. You know why? Because it’s not what you do that defines you. And, it’s not people who define you. It’s God and only God. That can be a tough lesson, especially in a world that places such high importance on societies opinions and all. You are royalty. Just read the book of Peter.
    Have a great day, Queen Wendy.
    🙂 ❤

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