It’s October

Oh my….September, Summer, 2015 its all fast disappearing in my rear view mirror.

My favorite part of the year is here.  When the sun changes, softens, mellows.  When the days get shorter, natures color changes, and the world takes on a new look.  It’s almost sleepy, this look.

Nature, settling down for a winters nap.

Today, I’m grateful for changes in seasons, mellow sunshine, a day at the Arboretum, and a tutorial in shopping at Trader Joes.

3 thoughts on “It’s October

  1. That’s beautiful, Wendy! Can I be a brat and say that one thing that I really dislike are the falling leaves on my lawn? lol Yup. I’m not a raker. But – I do love the song Falling Leaves, especially this version by Eva Cassidy:

    • Hey Buddie! I’ve missed my visits to the V Pub. I hope you are well and not suffering too terribly from raking leaves.
      Thanks for the link to the song. It’s wonderful.
      Miss you and your fun posts.

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