Sunday silly things

Mashable has done it again.  

They’ve done the research, and the numbers are in:  Selfie related deaths world wide are on the rise.  They now outpace death by shark attack.

When I found the article earlier this week, I was amazed that they found so many incidents in such public places.

One incident was at the Taj Mahal, a tourist taking a selfie fell down the stairs.  Another incedent in Pamplona, Spain.   A man running with the Bulls stopped to take a selfie and was gored.  Both men perished.

I wonder how many incedents are missed?  I wonder how many used selfie sticks?  Those get complicated… With the blue tooth, the remote, just saying.  They can distract you.  

My friend and I used a selfie stick for this one on a cable car in San Francisco…our lives were in peril the whole time. Who knew that the Sharks were just beyond us in the bay.


We could have been tossed from the car, and dashed to bits rolling down those steep hills.

Or!  We could have been attacked by lobsters on fisherman’s wharf?


See my friend Cindy’s right hand holding the selfie stick, thumb on the button?  
So for my selfie taking friends, be careful….especially in public places like Pamplona, and the Taj Mahal.  Leave your phones in the car, but if you have to take them, please have a 3rd party take your picture.

Be safe out there my friends.

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